Looking back, I totally set myself up for this. It came naturally. Whenever my son hurt himself, he tells me he has an ow-ee. My response, “where is it? I’ll kiss it and make it better.” Well, now my child has stepped into new territory.

While eating dinner, he bit his tongue. He says, “mommy, I have an ow-ee!” I ask him where it is. He says in my mouth, kiss it. Then, he sticks out his tongue. My husband is trying to contain his laughter and says, “Go ahead mommy, kiss it.” I lean over and kiss my child on the cheek and said, “mommy kissed you, now it’s all better.”

While playing he apparently hurt his foot and beckoned for mommy. I come to see what’s wrong and he holds up his foot. “Mommy, I have an ow-ee. Kiss it.” I said, “Mommy will rub your foot. Is it better now?” He was good with a foot rub.


This one takes the cake:
While eating breakfast, my little man is squirming in his chair. Then he starts whining. I ask him what’s wrong and he says he has an ow-ee. Oh boy, here we go again. I ask him where his ow-ee is. His response, “my bottom. Mommy, kiss it.” Not even happening! I checked out his bottom and assured him that his bottom would be just fine. No kisses needed.

At this point, I’m pulling the plug on “Mommy kiss it and make it better.” It’s just asking for trouble! 🙂

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  1. Ha! My son actually started kissing his own boo-boos.. I told him to once, and since then he’s been self-sufficient on taking care of his boo-boos. He doesn’t even ask me to put a band-aid on anymore.. he likes to do it himself. Works for me! 🙂

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