It all started with a discussion I was having at work. Somehow the coversation led me to talking about Sex and the City. I was probably quoting the show for one reason or another. I know it like the back of my hand. In any case, I came to a revelation about my favorite character from the series. My friends, Carrie Bradshaw is one of us. Let’s be real. Can we all agree that Carrie Bradshaw was a blogger?


She wrote a “column” about her life and experiences. That sounds like a blog to me. She’d have these fun posts, er, columns about what was going on in her world. They’d include stories about her friends, fashion and her lovahs. They each had a common thread that made it distinctly her voice. “I couldn’t help but wonder.” Each of them also ended with a question. Sounds like homegirl was a professional blogger to me.

I write about my family, friends and style in my “column” that ususally ends with a question. So, I couldn’t help but wonder, if  I could get paid enough from blogging to finance a fabulous New York apartment, chic and funky clothes and and enviable shoe collection – all designer, of course. I guess that stuff only happens when you call yourself a columnist. Well, since that’s the case, from here on out consider me a columnist! I’ll be awaiting my fab apartment, clothes and shoes. Please and thank you!

6 comments on “I Couldn’t Help But Wonder…”

  1. LOL I LOVE me some carrie bradshaw, and I agree. She was a dynamic blogger with a serious following–think about it too, those with serious following usually end up writing books–which is what Carrie did!
    Nellie recently posted…I Got A New Toy!My Profile

  2. LOL. You might be on to something. I’m going to test out using the title online columnist instead of blogger and see what happens. Who knows that my dream apartment and wardrobe upgrade might just appear!
    YUMMommy recently posted…Bible 365: Week 6My Profile

  3. I love love sex in the city! You are right! Carrie was a blogger! Now, let me go back and search the for her secrets. I want her fabulous shoes!

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