In all the goings on that is my life… some things continue to make themselves clear. I have this overwhelming urge to sometimes scream. I have this sense of knowing who I am and what I want and really get annoyed when people try in any way to diminish that. I have on more than a few occasions wanted to remind people that I am grown.

I have a wealth of ideas that keep springing up in my head. So many that I tend to keep several note pads in rotation at all times. I somehow manage to gather these thoughts into ideas and ideas into projects. I end up with more projects than I have time for. My mothers says I’m not happy unless I have 16 things going on at one time. That’s partially true. I am a creator.

etsy creator


I have lots going on all the time but it’s because I have so much in me to get out. I want to make sure I follow through with the dreams that run through my head. I’ve been doing that. I’ve been loving that. I want to do more of that.

Then I realize how short the days really are. I’m a wife, mom, author, producer, etc. But even though my plate is full,  I am compelled to do more. Sometimes it seems impossible to get it all done, but I will.



I have been sick since last week and I started to think, “I should hire someone to help me with all of my stuff.” My friend told me that maybe I should have less stuff. Hadn’t even considered that. Not even for one minute.

Am I the only one with WAY too much on my plate?


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  1. I loved this post especially in a lot of aspects I can relate. You are certainly not the only one with way too much on your plate. However, I often find it difficult to slow down and do nothing. I have been so busy for so long sitting still drives me bonkers!
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  2. You are definitely not alone. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get it all done and while I am the last person who should be telling you to take things off your to do list (because mine is very long and constantly added to) I do know that lots of those things are important and make me happy. So if the stuff you want to do makes you happy, keep going but maybe wait until you feel a bit better before tackling the big stuff.
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  3. I ALWAYS have a lot on my plate. But at the same time, I’m always hungry so I guess it’s appropriate. I’ve been busy ever since I started working full time, going to school full time, and most importantly, being a mother full time. And if that wasn’t enough, having another baby didn’t ease the load.

    But, I can honestly say that at the end of the day, even though I’m exhausted, it’s a good type of exhaustion. And I like that feeling.

    Hope you’re better. (:

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