I almost said no. It was Mother’s Day weekend. It started off easy enough. There were brunch reservations. Mimosas were had. Then my husband asked me what else I wanted to do. I was sleepy. I wanted to stay home and take a much needed nap. Instead, I opted to let him surprise me.

yesHe loaded the kids in the car and promised me I could sleep on the way to wherever we were going. I guess that should have been my first hint. We took a drive. I like to think of it as a mystery drive. We live in the Los Angeles area and we drove up the coast.  We cruised around Malibu with the ocean as far as you can see. As we drove further we were surrounded by mountains. There were animals grazing on the side of the mountain, there were rabbits happily hopping along. We eventually drove through Oxnard and saw lots of farm land with markets along the sides of the road. Our kids were getting a kick out of it all. They were really fascinated with the animals. My son wanted to know more about how a farm works. We took some time to take the scenic route and eventually got to the highway entrance. The signs were pointed south back to Los Angeles and north to Ojai. I assumed my husband would head back home. Instead he took the Ojai exit! Our adventure was going to continue!

ojai welcomeWe checked out the city a bit. After a while we found a family friendly restaurant for dinner. It was great to go take this impromptu trip with the kids. I always love experiencing things through them. One thing is for sure, my son is not a fan of road trips. He hasn’t been on a road trip in about two years. He kept asking my husband when he was going to  park the car!

I’m happy I didn’t take that nap. Being open to whatever and having a why not attitude ended up being a wonderful surprise. I’m learning to do that more and more. It’s proving to be a great way to let new experiences happen.

What have you just said yes to lately?

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  1. Love this…I don’t think Ojai is too terribly far from me, so I might have to visit sometime too. I’ve said “yes” to motherhood in general a bit more lately…my children are growing so fast, and I’m finding it more difficult to resist the moments here and there where I can squeeze them, participate in their sporting events, and show them more love when they are feeling frustrated.
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  2. What a great surprise! Last night, my son told me “I need ice cream treat” so instead of telling him we don’t have ice cream, I took him to the ice cream shop. He was so well behaved, had fun and we had a great 45 minutes together.
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  3. Sounds like fun! Yesterday I had a miserable 3 year old and I didn’t want to take him to our last event of the day. We ended up going and we all had a great time. So glad I opted to go instead of sitting on the couch.
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  4. Camesha, reading this post was like sipping a warm cup of tea. Just so nice! You make such a simple, but often forgotten point. I will be reflecting on this all week. Thank you!!

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