Every now and then I sit down and think about my take on this life. I tend to think that it’s pretty good and only getting better. Then, I came across this question and it got me thinking. The question was what would I tell the younger version of me, knowing all I know now? It’s something I think about often. I think about all the businesses I would have started and all of the opportunities I would have created for myself if I had the knowledge now – then. So, I think I would urge my younger self to be more outgoing and to let go of fear. These are things I learned to embrace once I entered my 30’s. Over my short years on this earth I have seen how my fear holds me back, shortchanges me, and delays my dreams. On one hand,  I’d advise my younger self to stand tall and even laugh in the face of fear. On the other hand, I know that by going through the disappointment of setbacks caused by fear I have grown into someone strong, more determined and fiercely motivated to achieve. Those character traits wouldn’t have come along had I not experienced some things. Someone once said experience is a good teacher. They were right. It has certainly taught me some great lessons. The awesome thing about being a mom is that I can now tell my son those things I wish I could have told myself. He’ll have enough character building life lessons to learn on his own. I’d love to be able to make sure that overcoming fear isn’t one of them. Looking back the only thing I could have told my younger self that I will continually tell my little one is – Be You! In all of your quirky, awkward, unsure ways… be YOU, embrace YOU and love YOU! What words of wisdom would you share with your younger self?

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