There’s not a whole lot I can do these days – being 8 months pregnant and all. One thing I can do, is appreciate good friends!

Some of my lovely peeps gave me a baby shower not too long ago. I am just getting around to telling you all about it!

We met at a restaurant and had good food, good times and yummy cupcakes!

I was feeling the love and my little girl was on the receiving end of some fab baby fashions.

She now has more clothes than I could have asked for. She’s going to be one cute little diva – that’s for sure. Good friends are hard to come by. I’m thankful for mine!

Speaking of good friends, all pics were taken by Amber of the Yeyo Diaries!

So, what’s new with you?

20 comments on “Having a Baby!”

  1. Congratulations on your baby Cam! Well friends are really treasures aren’t they? Real ones will always stick to you no matter what. Glad you have a wonderful bunch of friends.

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