I might be addicted to HGTV. More specifically, House Hunters. I don’t know what it is about watching people search for their “dream home” that sucks me in. It could be the unrealistic expectations, the sneak peek into how much more house you get outside of Los Angeles. I am always guessing which house they are going to choose based on reasons that totally make sense to me. I also love to see what they do with the place after they seal the deal. Truthfully, this show is the best kind of addiction. It’s practically instant gratification since the show is only thirty minutes. There are somethings that you are always guaranteed to hear while watching any given episode of House Hunters.

Open concept – Everyone wants one. At some point, walls became a problem in home design. I get the appeal but I’m always hoping someone will break the mold and actually be looking for a wall somewhere on the first floor.

better decorating bible


Stainless Steel appliances – Who doesn’t love them? What do stores do with the white and black appliances? Every one and their grandma only wants stainless steel.

Granite counter tops – Or else!?!?

better decorating bible 2


Hardwood floors – Carpet, EW!

On suite – We can no longer function if our bathroom is not attached to our bedroom. I get it!

seven stars and strips


Master bedroom – It must be HUGE!

Walk in closets – Duh!



Double vanity – Because sharing a sink is out of the question.

What House Hunter must-have’s did I miss?

11 comments on “You had me at Open Concept…”

  1. I am addicted to that show too. LOL Our first house was open. I loved it on the one hand and hated it on the other. It was so difficult to decorate. But our current house isn’t and I love how we can be in separate rooms in the house and it seems all very private or me like we each have our own spaces now.

    And they never pick the house I would have gone with NEVER!
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  2. I’m a faithful house hunters watcher myself. I can’t stand half of the people they have on there though lol. When people say they don’t want a house because of paint color and fixtures I just want to slap them.

    I love open concept but sometimes you need walls to keep defined spaces. I don’t wanna bother people by watching tv in the family room when they are in the next section eating dinner. We can use SOME walls, it won’t kill us lol.

    A lot of those people have champagne taste and beer budgets lol
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  3. LMBO. This is true. You didn’t miss any. My husband and I are addicted to that show. Living where we live, we are always shocked by how little house people get in bigger cities!

    Seeing how much people insist on granite countertops makes me wonder what else is out there because I’d go with that!
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  4. crown molding and vaulted ceilings! Why?
    Yes I too love this show. I live in LA and a friend told me the show is entirely scripted; the couples already know which house they’re going to pick and the other 2 they pretend to look and see. Either way it doesn’t take away from the fun of the show, but now I watch with new eyes.
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  5. LOL you got them all! I’ve stopped watching House Hunters because I’ve fallen in love with the Property Brothers…I always get a kick out of them showing the buyers their dream home & then bursting their bubble by telling them it is wayyy over budget lol.
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  6. I was a hardcore House Hunters fan for a while, but I haven’t looked at the show in years. I just got tired of it and it created a bit of house envy in me. Honest. But some of the folks had some unrealistic expectations and attitudes. They did make me smile sometimes. I love an open concept, as my living/dining/kitchen is like that, but I hate stainless steel. I know I’m in the minority on that but, what can I tell ya? LOL!
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  7. I love House Hunters too, I can’t get enough of it and sometimes I waste enough time due to HGTV.

    I love the bathroom in your list
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  8. My hubby is addicted to that show and I’ve only seen it a handful of times. But I think you nailed everything! I like me some walls, and carpet. Also, I may be old school, but I’m so over the stainless steel appliances!

  9. I am totally a fan of the open concept. With two kids that are good at getting into everything it drives me nuts right that I can’t see them when I’m cooking in the kitchen. I’m constantly having to walk back and forth. Oh another House Hunter must have for us is a huge backyard. My husband swims, so we’d love to have a pool as well as space for our own little playground for the kids.
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