Annnd we’re back! What a weekend! Not only was it the 4th of July but yesterday was our daughters 2nd birthday!
4th and laila b day 117
Our family had a little getaway to Palm Springs.We packed a lot of fun into our weekend. Our first day in town was spent testing our fear of heights. We rode a tram (suspended in air) up a mountain.
4th and laila b day 043Once we were let off, the elevation was 8500 feet. It was a cool experience with an incredible view.
4th and laila b day 047We hung out on the mountain and checked out the trails, boulders and anything else there was to discover.
4th and laila b day 093
4th and laila b day 078
There was plenty to see and plenty of dirt! And to think, I was thisclose to putting on my gym shoes.
4th and laila b day 075Over the weekend we also checked out the zoo. We expected to feed the giraffes but they weren’t interested. Pretty shady characters, they are. I’m sure they’d say the same about us. I had intentions on taking a pic or two of my babies enjoying the zoo but it was as hot as a blazing inferno, I was surrounded by animals and my babies were calling me and their dad in unison most of the day. I forgot all about taking a picture. So this one will have to do.
Before we left, we made our way to this really cool children’s museum. It had “children of the desert” in its name.  That was a bit eerie sounding but the place was really cool! The kids had a ball! They were exploring and building  for hours.
4th and laila b day 175We had to drag them out of there to go eat.  Aside from temps like this…
4th and laila b day 236We had a great time. Can’t even complain about the weather. It’s the desert, it’s hot.  The one thing we didn’t have was BBQ! I guess we have the rest of the summer to make that happen. 🙂
How was your long weekend?

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  1. Happy belated birthday to your baby girl! Love the pics! And, ummm yes that sure did look like a lot of dirt in a dessert. But I’m a city girl, what do I know! 😉 Btw, we love the zoo and my sons are 20 and 13!

  2. The giraffe “photo” is fabulous.
    I’d love to go in one of those trams! I don’t think my daughter would. I have zero fear of heights and she has a little, but she goes on spinning and fast rides and I don’t! At all.
    I can’t believe your little one is two!
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