I spend a good amount of time on Mama Kat’s site. There’s always something worth reading over there. Aside from being a part of her writing workshop she also has random writing prompts. They’re great when I’m in need of a little inspiration. I found this gem not too long ago: Describe yourself in 5 words. Choose one and write a poem

My five words: Writer, dreamer, mama, wife, believer

My poem:

To be a dreamer takes no work

It’s learning how to make the dream real

That causes one to develop nerves of steel

To be a dreamer isn’t hard

But when you see things through

The dreamer in you will know just what to do

And give you the drive to keep it moving

When everyone else is through

I wanna know, what five words would you use to describe yourself?

16 comments on “Five Words”

  1. Now I’m starting to think about it. Wondering about those 5 words that best describes me. I am no fan of writing but I think it would be a good thing if I practice on my writing skills.

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