• Keeping your kids pictures on your desk.
  • Putting a picture of your dream house on your dashboard.
  • Taping a picture of your pre-baby body to your treadmill.

Finding the motivation for your goals is easier than it seems. Here's a couple of ways to find yoursAll of these can serve as motivation for you to get things done. Your kids on your desk can be your reminder of why you work so hard. The picture of you dream house on your dashboard can remind you what what you’re driving toward on your way to work. Your pre-baby body can on your treadmill reminds you to give your workout your all. It’s about your motivation. We all need something that pushes us to really work for our goals.

Recently I was talking to a woman who was having trouble with her goals. She knew what her goals were but felt like her motivation wasn’t sticking around long enough for her to reach those goals.

Finding the motivation for your goals is easier than it seems. Here's a couple of ways to find yoursThere was this commercial years ago with a line “what’s my motivation?”. It was an actor trying to find the reason behind the emotions for his character in a scene. The commercial was funny. The thinking behind it is so true though when it comes to going after our goals. What’s the motivation. The other way of looking at that is what’s your why? For me, figuring out the why is a big part of being and and staying motivated to reach our goals. The why gives you a reason to keep pushing. Thy why is what makes any of it worth it in the first place. So, my first response was to ask her to think about her why. What’s the reason behind these goals?

Click here for a free cheat sheet for finding the why behind your goals?

Finding the motivation for your goals is easier than it seems. Here's a couple of ways to find yours

Aside from figuring out the “why” behind her goals, I also suggested that she clear her space. I mean that literally. I’ve found that clearing my space helps me to clear my brain. That could look like me clearing out my closet, the kids closet, or getting rid of old magazines. It’s just a process that allows me to take a break from whatever goals are running through my brain. Taking a break from constantly thinking about them leads to inspiration for those goals. It’s like giving myself a break from it all helps to create a clean slate. From that clean slate new ideas sprout and they don’t always relate to my goals but when they do, it’s like, “why didn’t I think of that before!” 

The benefits are double! You get a clearer space AND a fresh take on your goals and how to reach them.

What’s the motivation behind your goals?


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  1. A hear a lot of people talking about dream boards, which includes pictures of things they wish for, strive for, etc. My drive is because of my family. I have 2 little kids that depend on ME, which is totally scary when you think about it.

  2. Great post, Camesha!! Recently, my motivation had been dwindling and realized it was for the exact reason you share here — I was connecting with my WHY. I definitely spent some quiet time thinking about that and making sure it was something that motivated me to get up and work every day.
    I like the idea of clearing your space. I actually picked up the book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up”. It was such a game changer. I felt freer and more clear.

    Woohoo! Thanks, Camesha.

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  3. That’s an amazing idea. I normally just think of why I need to do what it is that I need to do when I lose motivation. If it’s for my kids or for myself, something like that. I like a clean space as well, it’s really like clearing your mind.

  4. I have motivation, but still a lot of stumbling blocks. Moving forward one step at a time… sometimes that’s all you can do.

  5. This is a thoughtful post. I am self-motivated, but also very driven by my family and wanting he best for us.

  6. Great Tips!! I have always found that images are a great motivation for me.I have always been a very visual person and this is a great way to keep my goals in sight.

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