It’s a common topic among mommy peeps. The baby weight! I think that’s the most common thing I hear about when people talk about pregnancy and being a mommy. People want their pre-baby body back. I admit, I am one of them. I thankfully lost all the extra weight I had gained but I think I did it in a healthy way. I exercised my whole pregnancy and I tend to eat healthy. After having my son, I breastfed and did the belly band. I think those things helped me. Everybody is different though.

There’s a new trend thanks to celebs that has moms going out of their way to stay slim while pregnant. It’s a trend they’re calling Mommy-rexia. I saw a clip about it on the Today Show. They talked about celebs like Bethenny Frankel, Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman and Victoria Beckham who barely showed a bump when they were pregnant. The story mentioned Bethenny rocking a bathing suit on a cover of a magazine just one month after giving birth. Heidi Klum famously strutted down the runway just 6 weeks after having a baby. The thing is, there’s a concern that these women set an unrealistic example for non-famous moms to keep that weight off and if you gain weight – get it off overnight.


The big concern with Mommy-rexia is what it’s doing to the baby. If mom isn’t eating enough, then the baby isn’t getting enough. The whole thing is just selfish. I know most people will tell you that they don’t pay any attention to people in Hollyweird. I don’t have that luxury, they’re all around me! You have to admit though, good or bad, they have some influence. Did you feel a lot of pressure to get your pre-baby body back in a hurry?

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  1. I don’t know whether those ladies were unhealthy or not, but I’ll tell you, after I had my son I repeatedly thought, “Those magazines feed you LIES!!!” How on earth? It was very difficult to get even a semblance of myself back – it took a lot of time and effort. And, at first, you don’t have time and effort to give. I wish new moms wouldn’t beat themselves up about it.

    • it’s a horrible trend. there has to be some balance, right? we don’t need to eat enough for a village but we don’t need to starve either. pregnant or not.

  2. Bethenny was very small while she was pregnant…until the very end when she BLEW UP! I think the best advice (at least medically) is to not overeat while you’re pregnant just because you can…you really don’t NEED to gain that much weight or eat that much more than normal! Also, breast-feeding is key. You burn so many more calories from doing that, that the weight comes off so much easier!

    • i kept repeating that to people who wanted me to stuff my face because I was pregnant. the baby was the size of a melon. he didn’t require me to eat an extra 2000 calories!

  3. What the magazines fail to mention is that those celeb Mommies have TONS of help, like Nannies, chefs and trainers. They aren’t sleep deprived zombies scarfing down a box of Twinkies (who me?) because they have 10 minutes to either take a shower or cook a meal.

    If I had a trainer waking me up after a full 8 hours of rest, sure I’d be at the gym everyday. Hard to get motivated to do it yourself, and then who watches the baby? I’d eat sprouts and wheat grass and deliciously cooked fish if I didn’t have to either A, cook it and B, shop for it. And nannies? Puhleease.

    So given the same circumstances, we’d all be model ready a month after birth, and unfortunately, that is hardly mentioned. Poor Mamas, we’re too hard on ourselves! It’s supposed to take a full year to Healthfully get back to pre-baby weight. Our bodies are never quite the same after birth anyway.

    Sorry for the novel, Cam.

    • no apology needed. everything you said is so true. I wish that we, as women, would keep this in mind so that we aren’t so hard on ourselves when we don’t pop back in 2 weeks time.

  4. Ugh, I HATE those articles about mommy weight gain when pregnant and how long it takes for those moms to get the weight off. It took me a long while and I am fairly healthy and active. And you are right, trying to not gain weight while pregnant can only adversely affect the baby.

  5. I had not heard this term….very interesting. I gained a good bit of weight during pregnancy! I am proud to say I love all of it plus some. 🙂
    However, I had to work it out!! It was NOT easy. If I had to do over, I would do it the same way. I think I was healthy and my son was healthy.
    I think people need to get over some of the craziness of appearance. Let’s talk health!

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