No matter where you go

What you’re doing

or what you’re watching

They’re going to get you!

These weight loss programs are pulling out all the stops to get our attention! And they’re using the most fab celebs to do it!

How many people vow to lose weight in the new year? I think it’s the number one resolution people make and it hasn’t been lost on marketing executives. Have you all noticed how many heavy hitters have been signing up to push weight loss. Jennifer Hudson has been doing the Weight Watchers thing for a while now. The newcomers are Mariah Carey for Jenny Craig and (shocker) Janet Jackson for Nutri System. I was really shocked to see Janet go this route. I guess after putting all her weight struggles out there in her book it only made sense that a partnership wouldn’t be far off. The other one that took me by surprise was Charles Barkley. He’s on Weight Watchers too!

The commercials for all of these were in constant rotation leading up to the new year. I had to ask myself what’s really going on? At the end of the day all of these people are promoting eating sensibly and while not really talking about it – they are all working out too. Is it selling a fantasy to make it seem like you just call this number and you’re on your way. In some ways, yes that’s the first step but you still gotta work for it after that. It seems to me that losing weight can still be done the old fashioned way. I have watched people struggle with their weight only to eventually take matters into their own hands. Eating better and exercising still works from what I’ve seen.

I guess that’s the basis of all of these programs at the end of the day. Perhaps it’s just organized in a way to keep people accountable? Doing it on your own is hard if you don’t have the support. And there it is – I’ve answered my own question. Maybe joining these programs is really all about the support. Having people on call who understand what you’re dealing with. If you made the promise to yourself to get healthier in the new year there are tons of options out there to get you going. It’s like whatever your situation is they’ve got you covered. Been overweight for years and want a change?  Enter: Jennifer Hudson. Just have a baby or two and want to get back to you? Enter: Mariah Carey. Been struggling with your weight all your life? Enter: Janet Jackson. Retired and noticed you’re packing on the pounds? Enter: Charles Barkley.

Have you guys noticed all the commercials too? Makes a chica want to go to the gym and have a salad for lunch! Healthy living definitely continues to be a priority in the new year!

16 comments on “Dropping Pounds is Popular”

  1. Most of those people are big yo-yo dieters so they know how to quickly drop massive amounts of weight. I have a hard time believing they really used those programs because of that. My sister did one of these kinds of things and she was telling me that they make their greatest money on the food and they push it, push it, push it. She did it for a while but it became outrageously expensive and she was turned off by the sales pushes. I’d be more inclined to do something like Weight Watchers where you can use your own food and just count points. You CAN use their food, but it’s not built as the central core of their program, you know? So, go Charles!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted…I Don’t Like CryingMy Profile

  2. I have noticed all the commercials and I just realized all of them are celebrities who are black…things that make you go mmhm!! The Janet one was a total shocker…the hubby was like I have never known her to be fat:-) which I thought was cute!

  3. I have seen the commercials and for me I have to remember that all these celebrities make money they can afford trainers and afford to buy the proper meals to eat healthy. I think having support is important some people have no motivation and no support (me included)
    kita recently posted…Tasty Thursday: What not to eatMy Profile

  4. I say get healthy for the right reasons.. forget about looking hot in a 2-piece and remember that being healthy gives you more energy, which in turn will help you enjoy your family more and help you reach greater heights in your business and pretty much every other goal you might have. And at the end of the day… that’s what matters 🙂
    Denise recently posted…Filtering Out Advice in the BlogosphereMy Profile

  5. It seems to me that the commercials are on overdrive this year! And all of the celebrities ate black. Hmmmm. But I think the main reason they are all so popular is because of the support they offer. It’s a community. And someone you have to be accountable to.

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