There are a million and twelve things I’d like to accomplish at any given time. I’ve been told I’m a busy body. I think I just have a whole lot of goals, people!!! Since I have all these must-do’s, I also have a lot of lists! It just feels so good to cross things off every now and then. I have a few things on deck for this month that I think I NEED to get done.
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First, I need to stop playing and work out! This post baby tummy ain’t going anywhere without a little assistance. I think I’ve just gotten used to it at this point. Little mama is 10 months old and I’m like, it ain’t SO bad. Whatever. It’s time to be real with myself. I wanna rock my bikini and I wanna look cute doing it so… time to hit that gym and hit it hard. Somebody pray for me.
Remember I told you that I was cleaning out any and all clutter from my house? Well I have been making good on that promise. Let’s be clear, I’m not a candidate for Hoarders or anything. With having two kids, we had just accumulated stuff. Now I’m getting rid of it. Lots of their artwork from school, clothes they can’t wear any more, toys (shh…don’t tell my son). My goal this month is to make progress where their clothes are concerned. Since I’m switching things over to summer attire, this seems like the perfect time to clear some stuff out.
We need to take a new family photo. We need an updated photo with baby girl. The last time we tried both kids were melting down and it just was not going to happen that day. We’ll try it again and make it happen this month. As long as it looks better than this:



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Yes, I noticed my bucket list totally turned into another list of things to do. Hmph. What would you put on your bucket list this month?

13 comments on “A Drop in the Bucket (List)”

  1. That photo….
    I really want to get a good photo of the three of us. The last one we had done was about 2 years ago.
    THis month, I want to finally unpack every last box from our move in January. And I want my house to finally be cleaned. Exactly the way I want it. Pray…..
    LaShawn recently posted…Letters to Our Sons: MayMy Profile

  2. Oh that weird family photo!
    I want to get our guest bedroom, formally RJ’s nursery, in order. It quickly became the “throw any and every thing in there” room. My sister will be visiting next month and she’ll need to be able to find the bed.
    Jenni recently posted…Despicable MoveMy Profile

  3. Found you through Mommy Hot Spot and I’m so subscribing to you! Love it! We sound a lot alike, I’m always trying to do something. Also trying to lose my baby weight with #2. Maybe we can check in on each other with the progress! Some weeks are better than others. I just bought a groupon for a family photo because we haven’t had family pictures done since the new baby. I think it’s called second child syndrome. And funny, I’m also in the middle of a clean up. In my house I’m like going out of business. Everything must go!

  4. Honestly, I’m the same way. I have lists of things I want to do that are so long and absurd, but I won’t stop trying to get them all accomplished. 😛 This month, I’d say my homeschooling stuff needs to be SERIOUSLY organized. Seriously.
    Monique recently posted…The Birth Story Of Thaddeus NoirMy Profile

  5. Loosing the baby weight can be so tough but I know you can do it!! Feeling condfident, energetic, and healthy is so important for the soul. I am so bad with creating lists and never getting around to them. It’s nice to know i’m not alone!! If you ever need help getting in shape i would love to help you. I’m a health and fitness coach and it’s a passion of mine to help woman feel great about themselves. Remember you are beautiful no matter what! 🙂

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