*It has occurred to me that I’ve been keeping something from you. I totally forgot to tell you all that I’m a contributor at an online magazine. I’ve been there for a little bit now and completely forgot to share the news. There’s a new post up today. Let’s talk about the drama king! Enjoy!


When exactly do the terrible two’s start?   Based on what’s going on in my house I’d say they kick in around 19 months.  My son has been on another level for a few months now and the closer he inches to the two year old mark the more uh, animated he gets. He brings his own brand of drama to the simplest of situations. I think I should put him in acting school. We do live in L.A. and the kid is clearly a natural.

A simple request like “come let me wash your hands” or “let’s eat dinner” brings out the serious drama. I’m talking screaming “no” over and over again louder each time. Then I’ll tell him “just say no thank you” and he calmly says “no tank you”. Now, if it’s that easy for him to calm down – he is clearly putting on a show with all of this screaming. He’s a fan of falling out in the middle of the floor when a request is made of him. It could be as simple as calling his name. Apparently, that’s unacceptable.

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