I’ve said before that dinner time at my house is a mad dash. I have about twenty minutes to pull it all together. Add to that a fickle eater and mommy has her work cut out for her. In all of my blog reading I came across this recipe for sausage and peppers from Tina at Life Without Pink. It’s popular with her family and it looked like something I could pull off pretty quickly. The test, of course, would be the toddler. He is not a fan of meat. He really only likes seafood AND sausage. So, this recipe was a must try for the sausage alone!

I followed the recipe for the most part. I didn’t have onions in the house so I used some onion powder. Tina uses Adobo seasoning but wrote that you could substitute with garlic salt and pepper, which I did. I added a little pasta to the mix since it’s also a favorite of the little guy. It smelled so good. I was super excited to see how this would go over with the family. Since I only had 20 minutes to pull it together, I used some pre-sliced peppers from Trader Joe’s. They were frozen and actually cooked pretty quickly. The frozen peppers cut the cook time in half for me. Always looking for a cooking short cut. 🙂 All in all, this recipe was a success! My son and I ate the rest for the next day’s lunch! Thanks Tina!

Her recipe is below:

6 peppers {you can mix between red and green}

2 BIG vidalia onions

A few dashes of Adobo seasoning

A few shakes of Oregano & Italian seasoning

~Chop up peppers, throw in a pan with some splashes of olive oil.

~Add Adobo seasoning {to taste}

~Add a few shakes of oregano and Italian seasoning.

~Taste test after half hour to 45 minutes.

~Meanwhile, cook sausage on grill until fully cooked.

~Mix sausage and peppers/onions and heat through.

~Top on crusty Italian bread. (Instead of bread, I used pasta)

Try it! It’s yummy!

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