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Recently, I got a call from a publisher interested in showcasing my book of poetry in an international book fair in London. To say I was shocked is putting it lightly. I published the book in 2012. I don’t even promote it anymore. I was surprised that they’d found it AND had an interest in showcasing it. I worked on that book for years. It was my dream to be a published author. It was watching my son grow up and being pregnant with my daughter that prompted me to seriously push through and get it out there. Being a writer wasn’t my goal when I was little. It’s what I’ve always done though. And it’s paid off for me in more ways than I can count. It’s unexpectedly been the fuel behind many of my dreams.

When I was growing up I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be a model. I wanted to be what I saw in Whitney Houston, if I’m being honest. She was like the epitome of beauty and glamour. I would sing my heart out to every song on the radio. I competed in a pageant or two. I even graduated from modeling school. From all accounts it sounds like I was a pretty confident kid. You would think that I was pretty bold and determined to get what I wanted as far as my dreams and goals were concerned. Right?

I'd rather live a life of oh well's than a life of what ifs. -Unknown

Well, the truth is my dreams terrified me. I wanted to do all of these things but I wondered to myself what people would say. Would they laugh at my singing voice? I still have that thought from time to time. Would they say I wasn’t pretty enough to be a model? Would someone come along and tell me in no uncertain terms to “get real”. Would they confirm my fears that my dreams were NEVER gonna happen? What if all of if my “what if’s” came true?

It’s easy to have all of these dreams and hopes and goals when you’re a kid. It all takes a turn when we get older and people start telling you things like, “get real” or “get your head out of the clouds”. You know all of those things we say to teenagers and adults with what we might consider lofty goals. At what point do we go from “follow your dreams” to “get real”? It’s probably somewhere around the teen years. We build kids up to think they can be whatever they want. We tell them that no dream is too big. I mean, no one wants to be a dream killer to a kid! So why is it OK as we get older? Why are our dreams seen as silly because we’ve got a few years on us and have somehow managed to hold out for the seemingly impossible?

The responsibilities that come with getting older totally make things more…challenging. I don’t think that means what we want is impossible. As a kid maybe your dream was to be a singer. What does that dream look like now though? Maybe it looks like you performing in a local chorus. Maybe it finds you taking voice lessons via Skype. Maybe it comes out in other ways. It’s still there though. It can still be pursued. The thing with being a mom is that our dreams and goals require us to be more creative to reach them. That’s it.

HBD blog

That’s why I created Hey, Big Dreamer. It’s a 6 week goal setting course for moms. I’ve spent a lot of time pouring into it and sharing things that have worked for me. It’s a space to dream with no judgement – only support and motivation. We’ll get clear on what your dreams and goals are. Then we’ll make a real plan to get there. Check it out hereΒ to get all the juicy details!

Tell me, what was your out of this world dream as child? Anyone else want to be a singer and a supermodel? lol

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  1. This sounds like an incredible course! That is wonderful about your book of poetry! I just had my first baby, and I am surprised at how quickly everything in my life took a backseat to his needs. Now that he is a little more independent, I have found myself wanting to tackle my dreams again, not only for me but to set a good example for him too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh yeah, my dreams are buried alright. I will find them again one of these days, though πŸ™‚

  3. Until I was about 12 I wanted to be a ballerina. Like, more than I wanted to breathe. Haha It’s so funny to think about now because I am literally the most clumsy human ever and not very graceful. πŸ˜€

  4. That’s so true, we all had big dreams when we were kids and it all just started fading away as we grew older. I love that you focused your program on moms. Moms tend to give up everything they want so they can give the chance to their kids. It would be nice to see moms reach their for their lost dreams.

  5. This is absolutely a great post When I was older I realize my dreams can change. I love dream changes without judgemental and support each other

  6. I grew up around a lot of “what if” people and it stifled me. I didn’t pursue my dreams because I listened to all of their negativity. Now I know much better.

    • Yes. I found that many times people tell you what feels safe for them or what they would do. It usually come from a good place. But if they’d be afraid to do what it is you dream of, they can easily put their fears on you.

  7. Hi Camesha,
    Congratulations on someone wanting to showcase you. I love to sing too. Are you familiar with L. Hughes’ poem “Dream Deferred”? That’s what this reminded me of.
    Thanks for visiting my site on Tuesday and commenting on my WP Hacks article.

  8. omg same here. I dream high and big as I can hahaha it makes me calm and excited to blogging and other projects i have. and same as you i will always end up thinking to what will people say or the outcome.

  9. Your post got me thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up. I feel like I often changed my mind, but I never said I wanted to be a stay at home mom/professional blogger, but guess what, I am that and I love it! Sometimes you have to trade in those dreams for reality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to your plate with what you love to do!

    • It’s still possible. I do a little bit here and there. It’s just enough that it doesn’t take over my life and interfere with all I need to do for my family.

  10. I want to be an Flight Stewardess soon, dream is our dream it will be a dream if we will do something.

  11. My dream as a child was to become a Flight Stewardess. I remember telling my 3rd grade teacher about it. But then, I wasn’t given the height needed to be a Flight Stewardess. πŸ˜€ But no problem. I am happy with where I am now and what I’ve accomplished.

  12. I think its important to not give up on your dreams. I mean, some dreams we grow out of as we get older, but the root of those dreams can stay.

  13. Awww, what an inspiring read. I absolutely love this story and can identify in many ways, even though I don’t have kids. I want them but I also want to pursue my dreams. I’m so happy for you, even though I don’t know you personally, I feel like I do a bit more after reading a few of your stories. Keep pushing through. You’ve motivated me. Job well done. Congratulations and I wish you continued success.

  14. I always wanted to be artistic in some way. I love to draw, cook, photography and to write. I have been writing on and off for years. I have been blogging for a few. I am planning to buy my first domain and hosting next month.I am getting to my dream slowly.

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