My son is officially a toddler. He’s 16 months! That time has passed way too fast. I have tried to hold on to all the milestones, moments and memories. I even have a lock of his hair from his first haircut. I’m guessing that once his little teeth start to fall out, I’ll keep those too. As odd as it may seem, I think my teeth are still somewhere around my moms house. I guess it may be kinda weird. Just random, little teeth in a box in the house. Maybe weird. I think it’s sweet. I just read about a way to take it to a whole other level. There’s a company that will make your child’s tooth into a piece of jewelry. They’ll do a mold of it and cast it in silver. Who needs the tooth fairy? You can wear the tooth around your neck for all to see. What better way to show your child how much you love them? On the other hand, what better way to embarrass your child for life and ensure your stay at Shady Pines Nursing Home? Is this cool or creepy?

10 comments on “Creepy Much?”

  1. Hmmm. This is actually something I could see myself doing. I remember keeping all my baby teeth in a box. One day the box was suddenly empty. My mother acted baffled. She actually tried to convince me that they had disintegrated. Years later she admitted that she threw them away because she thought they were gross. I guess having them made into jewelry might be a more sanitary keepsake!

  2. Creepy. Really, really creepy. Sorry. The only reason I still have my kid’s teeth is that I read some where that they might be able to use the stem cells out of them one day if my kids get sick…..

  3. Cam, I think that was so precious of your mother saving your teeth. I didn’t do that but I took tons of pictures of my daughters birthday parties, trips. I also took a couple of videos of her first words and ballet classes and she really has enjoyed watching them now that she is older.

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