Hi, my name is Cam and I might be a hoarder. I said might.

I am slowly coming to this realization as I clean out what will be my daughter’s closet. Actually, she and her brother will share the room, but that’s not the point. We have been using the closet in that particular bedroom for storage. As I am going through the boxes, I’m realizing I might have hoarding issues. The boxes are from when my husband and I said “I do” and I moved all my stuff in.

Some things, I just didn’t know where they should go. Apparently, I never found a place for them. I mean, we’ve been married almost 5 years! A friend told me that if I hadn’t used the stuff in 5 years, then I probably don’t need it. She might be right. However, there were some cute head bands (not that I’d wear them), some really cool recipes (not that I bake) and really interesting beads from when I wore my hair in braids (I think that was in 2004?). I felt a need to keep ALL of this stuff. You know, like one day I really might need them and then I’d be all mad at myself for throwing them away.

Hoarder much??!!!

So at the end of the day, I decided to get a box, pile it high and throw this stuff away!

Hoarder's Treasures!

At the top of that box is a planner from 2003! I know, that was nine years ago! On a side note, one good thing did come from me finding this planner. As I was flipping through the pages to find more stuff to keep, I stumbled up on a very special date. It was February 28th, 2003. I had on my calendar to go to an alumni function at a restaurant named Lola’s. This would be the alumni event where I met my husband. This planner is a part of history, I tell you! See, hoarding isn’t always bad!

Still, this box is only the beginning people. Project: clear a closet is in full effect. My mission is to not end up on Hoarders!!!

Wish me luck!

19 comments on “Confession is good for the soul?”

  1. I admit I use keep my planners for about 2 years just in case I misplace a number but now that everything is technology I don’t need planners anymore lol. It’s hard getting rid of stuff but I have learned to start chucking if I have not used it in 3 years. Good luck
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  2. I started cracking up around the time when I read, “Not that I bake.” HAHAHA…. You are SO funny! But, umm, how SWEET is it that you stumbled on that very special date? I bet it brought back some memories. See…. sometimes it’s good to keep some things. (Sometimes.)
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  3. I know exactly what you mean…I have to *FORCE* myself to go through things and get rid of stuff sometimes because I just can’t take it when things get cluttered! But there are always going to be those areas of the house where stuff just accumulates because we have *no idea* what to do with it! (c: Way cute story about the planner, though (c:

  4. I sometimes think that I am a hoarder as well. Like you, I tend to keep even the smallest things because of its sentimental value. Believe it or not, I even kept the softdrink’s wrapper that was once given to me by my crush. So mushy, but yeah. I agree when you said that I might regret throwing them when I need them in the future.
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  5. This is funny, I am trying to get my husband to let go of stuff he has in my moms attic from like 6-10 years ago. I mean I think a really good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in 2 years you probably won’t again. But of course my hubs fights me tooth and nail. Even after we got our own house he threatened to bring it over here…makes me crazy!! lol
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