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I was recently on Instagram and I saw a photo a mom posted of her kids enjoying their time in the city. She lives in NY (a fabulous city, by the way 😉 ). A few commenters remarked about regretting not being in a big city. One of them said they used to live in a big city and moved back to the mid west and she thought that her children were missing out because of it.

I found that interesting. It hadn’t thought of it before. I live in Los Angeles. Big city life, for sure. I knew I wanted to be in a big city for many reasons before I became a mother. There was the accessibility to things, the hustle and bustle, the opportunities and for my career (working in television) I felt like for what I wanted NY or LA were my best options. Now that I have children, I am thankful that I live somewhere with so much to do and in a place that can be diverse. I think those are definite advantages. I hadn’t thought about what their life would be life if we’d lived in a smaller town. I don’t know if I would feel like they were missing out. I can’t say. bigvssmall


I know some people take comfort in living somewhere smaller where there isn’t so much going on. People sometimes feel it’s easier to enjoy life and the simple, real things that way. When you take out the distraction of the next big thing it’s easier to focus on priorities. I’ve also heard others not want to be in a big city because they don’t feel big city life always has the most positive influence on kids. I want to ask you all what you think? Big city or small town? Why?

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  1. I am a city girl for sure! We live in NYC and there are tons to of things to do here. Just knowing that we have family and entertainment hand in hand is amazing. Nothing wrong living in a small town either, both have their advantages.

  2. I guess I live in a small city compared to where I grew up which was in the middle of nowhere..I love the balance b/c I can get to everything but not have to drive 40 minutes like I did growing up! I do think it would be cool to have the ability to walk everywhere in a city. I love Chicago and think that would be so cool 🙂
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  3. if we lived in a smaller city i don’t think I would feel we were missing anything at all. It’s all what you make it and what you want for yourself and your family.

  4. Hmm. This is hard. Honestly, I like them both. But as a sahm, I would, if I could, choose city life over a small town. I love that there is so much to do in a city and I love that they feel so youthful.

  5. I think I’m into that in between. And I’m not talking suburbs. I live in a wooded patch of a small city. So my zip code says city, but my yard says country. It’s a college town/small city. I LOVE it. That said, if I had to choose I’d choose small town. That’s just me, though. I’ve lived in the suburbs and I’ve lived in a big city (SF) and this is more my speed.
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  6. I am more of a suburban girl. I grew up in the city then we moved to the suburbs where the store was close but not as close as the city. Now that I live in Atlanta I live in the country where I see animals and the nearest store is 20 min away…..I miss the city life but we can leave our doors open and let kids play outside without worries that’s priceless

  7. We moved out of a big city to a much smaller town for safety reasons. We felt this was the best place for a family with young kids. So far so good. 🙂

    We are 50 minutes from 2 bigger cities and sometimes it stinks to have to drive far. But another good thing is the temptation to buy stuff is easier when you’re not near a mall or boutiques.

    The saddest part is Starbucks is far away too. 🙁

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂
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  8. We are on the same wavelength 🙂 When I visit my friends and family in suburbia I feel Like I am going to go ABSOLUTELY crazy. I can’t take the quiet, the chirping, the animals, the no bodegas. I literally can’t cope. I have never thought about moving my kids to suburbia, only maybe for the slower life…
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  9. I am a die hard city slicker. I currently live in Virginia. According to locals, I live in a city. Seeing as I’m from San Francisco and am that kind of a city girl at heart I don’t think this here is quite the city. I plan to get back to my roots. What I can say my daughter is missing living away from the City is the diversity that comes with the LA’s, DC’s, NY, and SF’s of the world. I want it. I need it.
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  10. I would prefer to live in a small town, only because driving with tons of traffic scares me.

    However. There would need to be a Target within 30 minutes. Otherwise I couldn’t do the small town thing. I need my Target.
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  11. I grew up in a small town. It didn’t and still doesn’t have a stop light and we had to drive 12 miles to go grocery shopping. I was born in NYC and we visited often so I have a great love an appreciation for big city living.
    My family currently lives in a decent sized city. It not big enough where public transportation is readily available to everyone, but shopping, restaurants and entertainment are just minutes, not miles away.
    I like where we are now, but I could see us raising our family in a big city.
    I can’t see us ever raising our family in a town like the one I grew up in. It’s too far removed from every thing. Also,I think living in a town like that is even worse for families who can’t afford to travel and expose themselves and their kids to bigger cities. I grew up with a lot of sheltered, close-minded people.
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  12. i’m a city girl at heart. my only regret in life is never living in nyc! i’ve lived in san francisco and chicago. i think the biggest downfall of the city, though, is the living expense. all my friends with kids are moving out of sf and heading to the burbs because they cannot afford to buy a home in sf.

  13. Big city girl here!! I grew up inDC. In the middle of the city. Our first house was in the suburbs and though I loved the area, I hated the quiet. We are closer now to the city and I LOVE being so close to everything’ my next move is going to be IN the city!!! I love the culture, being se to walk to the store, parks etc. city girl for sure.

  14. Having grown up in a non-diverse place it was imperative that I have a family in a diverse place. I didn’t think I’d have a family in NYC but it worked out that way and I LOVE it! My husband grew up here and agrees yes, it does make you jaded a bit, but it also makes one street smart and appreciative of other cultures to grow up in an environment like this.
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