Topic of the day: Describe a food you abhor.

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It’s been called incredible and edible but for me it’s just disgusting and vomit-inducing! That’s right, I’m talking about the egg. Yuck! I don’t know what it is about the chicken embryo that causes me to feel ill. I used to eat them when I was younger. I loved making omelets. It was great to throw all kinds of things in there from cheese to bacon and ham. It used to be so good! I even used to eat them boiled with no problem. At some point, that all changed. I’m not sure when it happened. It came to a point that eggs totally grossed me out. Just the smell of them makes me feel nauseous. I’m guessing this isn’t normal. As you can imagine, I am not much fun to take out to breakfast. Everything on every breakfast menu is full of eggs. It’s like you can’t have breakfast if you don’t have eggs. Therefore, I am the queen of ordering things a la carte. It’s so sad. It’s the only way it works though. Fast forward to my pregger days. I felt like eggs were good for my baby and wanted to give it a try to help him out. So, I tried them and I didn’t get sick. It was off to the races from there. I got eggs on breakfast sandwiches. I had my husband scramble eggs every now and then for breakfast and I was amazed that I wasn’t in gag mode. It was something about that baby that made eggs tolerable. Crazy. I thought the baby had  cured me! I thought that I could now eat eggs with the rest of the world! Bring on the quiche, give me an omelet. Makes sense, right? Not even close! I tried to eat eggs after giving birth and was immediately sickened to my stomach! The smell gags me, the taste would kill me, I’m sure. Of course, as fate would have it, my little guy likes eggs. Great. As it stands, I am the only non-egg eater in my house. Yeah, it’s awesome. What can I say, I’ll only take my eggs in chocolate form… at least until baby number two. Then bring on the omelets!

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  1. lol The only thing my dad can cook is scrambled eggs & for years I couldn’t eat scrambled eggs because that’s ALL he would make for us! And pregnant? Eggs made me want to die!

  2. We love eggs here, but once we made the switch to organic eggs, we’ve never been able to go back. And when I was preggers? I ate them, but with my first, I couldn’t touch them raw. I remember when everybody was in town for my baby shower, afterwards, about a dozen friends were spending the night and I went to make a coffee cake for an easy breakfast for the next morning. Except I couldn’t crack the eggs needed in the recipe. I actually had to ask my husband’s best friend if he wouldn’t mind cracking all the eggs for me! lol It’s amazing what we’re turned on and off to when we’re preggers! :>

  3. Aren’t pregnancy cravings weird? I wanted Cheerios so badly yet right after birth I couldn’t be bothered either.

    Anyway, eggs, that is a tough one. Only with something else, never alone.

    • i remember eating a quiche and it was filled with so much other stuff i didn’t notice the eggs… wait, i was pregnant. never mind.

  4. I actually love eggs – in all forms – but I haven’t been able to eat them hard-boiled for a while, ever since my toddler vomited them up in her crib one night a few months ago. Puked-up egg chunks are not pretty.

    Sorry. That probably did nothing to alleviate your hatred of eggs. 🙂

  5. Eggs are delicious to me, but I could see where you may not LOVE them. They do smell funny and are just a weird food thing overall. Sounds like baby boy liked ’em though! 🙂

  6. While I do eat eggs, sometimes I get a little disgusted when I crack one and let my mind go to thinking about what it actually is. But then again, I do the same thing with meat! I’ve probably said a hundred times that I’m going to try being a vegetarian but have yet to do it.

  7. I don’t know what we would have for dinner sometimes if it wasn’t for eggs. They are not my favorite thing but they are a great fall back menu item. But I would try chicken eggs for chocolate eggs any day of the week.

  8. I do love eggs but I can definitely get your hatred of them. I eat them super soft boiled over toast and usually by the end of the meal I’m like, enough is enough. Still, when I have nothing else in the fridge except eggs and veggies, I love to whip up a quick frittata.

  9. My only issue with eggs is that they have to “well done” no runny stuff. And once when I was a kid and my parents took me to visit my grandparents in Greece, my grandma took me with her into the henhouse to get fresh eggs. When I saw her get them out of the nest I was grossed out and I told her that I only eat American eggs because those come from the store : )

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