For some people… pregnancy suits them. I, for one, didn’t think Rachel Zoe would be one of those people. Nothing against her, just never really envisioned her as the maternal type… whatever that looks like. Well, she’s proven me wrong, so far. She’s absolutely radiant as a pregnant woman. I think it’s the best she’s ever looked. The stylist to the stars recently had a baby shower for her March arrival and showed up glowing and gorge. Instead of being feted with fabulous trinkets for her pint sized bambino, guest made charitable donations to Seems Zoe chose this charity to benefit from would be gifts of her fabulous friends.  Friends and fans are encouraged to donate as the organization helps out infants of Los Angeles area families. I’m wondering if most celebrities take this approach and we just don’t hear about it? I’ve heard of a few that chose to forgo the gifting and go the charity route but it certainly doesn’t seem like the norm. It’s pretty cool to realize that you are more than capable of providing for your child and thinking outside of your family to help others. The more I think about it, it’s something more “regular” folks could do as well. I mean everyone loves a good baby shower but adding in a charitable element makes it really cool. Even if it does happen to make for good PR as well. 😉

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