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fashion friday

Shoe & Tell


I came across these shoes and couldn’t help but be floored. Where on earth do these come from? How are you supposed to wear them? These Lego shoes are not to be messed with! Can you imagine rocking these on your next play date! HA! On the other hand,  I can’t imagine how you’re supposed […] Read more…

Horse Shoes – Literally!


Somebody call PETA! In the spirit of Fashion Friday….I present to you horse hooves boots! Come on, you know you want ’em! These lovely boots have been commissioned by betting company Betfair and are being sold for charity.  The horse hair is real, the hooves… not so much! I’m not sure what to say about […] Read more…

Fashion Friday


Fashion is made to become unfashionable. ~Coco Chanel side note: I usually only post a picture of the author with their quote but…. I saw this darling vintage Chanel dress and had to put it on full display! Oh, I love! A girl can dream, right? Have a fabulous and fashionable Friday!! Read more…