I’ve been at this blogging thing for a few years now. I’ve been blogging at Bibs & Baubles just over a year. I thought I had learned somethings in my first few months. After more than a year at it… I’ve learned even more. Here’s my top 5 things:

1 – People stop blogging. There have been so many blogs that I’ve followed that one day just shriveled up and went away. Some give you a fond farewell others not so much. They just stop writing. I understand. Somedays I feel the need to walk away myself but that doesn’t stop me from being shocked every time some one peaces out of the blogging space.

2 – Blogging can be fun. For me, it’s been really fun getting to know so many people even if it’s just on a post by post basis. I feel like you can get a pretty good sense of people just because we share so much on our blogs.

3 – Blogging can suck. I have had many times when I’ve sat looking at my computer screen and waited for the words to strike me. I think there have been times that I’ve put too much pressure on myself to come up with a post every.single.day. Sometimes I just look at my blog and think, “why the heck am I doing this again?” I wonder if I’m giving it too much of my time or not enough. Those are the times when blogging sucks for me.

4 – Blogging has taught me things about myself as a writer. Being that I write for a living it’s been great to have another avenue to exercise my writing muscle. I think it helps me in career-wise as well.

5 – Blogging has taught me patience. I remember when my posts were met with crickets. I wondered if anybody would ever show up and say “hi” or “you suck” or something. I was happy when people started to find me and we began to have more of a conversation rather than me talking to the non-responsive interwebs. So yeah, thank y’all for that!

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  1. I love these points, and I think Kita is right. You do meet a lot of people that you wish you knew in person.

    Also, it is a full time job. Sometimes you just wanna say something, but either you don’t know what or how. Ah, the love / hate relationship bloggers have with their blogs.
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  2. Thanks for sharing with what you have learned. I agree with your findings. I have a few favorites who just suddenly disappeared….no out to lunch sign, no nothing. It made me a little sad because I had made a connection with them. But on the other hand I know life happens and the blog has to take a back seat.
    I think blogging has been a great outlet for me, but as you stated it definitely sucks at times. We have to embrace the experiences and make the best of them.
    Optimistic Mom recently posted…It’s my SITS day! I’m Featured!My Profile

  3. What a great #1: People just stop blogging. And I totally get it. For me I find that if I over commit myself – it stresses me out! I only have a goal of posting once a week on my personal blog and often that seems like a lot some weeks. What I’ve noticed about myself as a blog reader is that I tend to read a lot and not leave as many comments. And I have to believe that people also do that on my blog (right?) – and that is what keeps me going when I think no one is listening 🙂 I probably should be better at checking my Google Anaylitics (yet that also stresses me out) 🙂
    Kate F. @katefineske recently posted…Conversations with MyselfMy Profile

  4. These are great…I always wonder too about people that stop blogging like that with no closure…I’ve emailed a few people just to check in!

  5. Yes! Blogging is a range of emotions. Lately I have been struggling with content. When I get like that I just step away or when I’m in a bloggy mood, I will do a ton of posts and just keep them as drafts and post during my down times.

    I am ever grateful for it showing me a new world. New people, new ideas and all sorts of inspiration. I often wonder how long I will blog. I figure when it doesn’t interest me anymore I’ll know and bow out. For now I don’t see an end in sight.
    Mimi recently posted…What You Won’t Do….My Profile

  6. Great post! I love blogging and will keep it up as long as I continue to enjoy it. I absolutely REFUSE to turn it into something full time or stressful. I try to blog at least once a week. Occasionally, I might post twice in a week and sometimes I’ll go 13 days. **shrugs** I won’t bend to the pressure! *lol* I love google reader, so I’m just happy when someone I follow has new content. It does totally suck when someone goes fishing without the sign though. I often spend too many minutes, “I wonder what happened to so and so.”
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  7. I love blogging, but I’ve learned it’s just an outlet for me, not a way of life. When my life gets busy, my blog gets pushed to the side. However, I always find my way back.
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  8. I love blogging. I think because I’ve always had a journal, and blogging is like keeping an online journal…that other people read !
    But I do feel like its a full time job! But I’ve given myself permission lately to slack off when I need to and post every day when I feel like it. I want it to keep being fun and interesting.
    And I just live all if the people I’ve met (online) while blogging!

  9. Giggling at the non-responsive interwebs (as I sometimes still tap my screen: is this thing on?). Blogging teaches us a lot, that’s for sure. Patience is high up on the list for me. Sometimes it feels futile, but then I remember I’m essentially writing for me (while hoping others are along for the ride), but ultimately, it’s my passion and it fuels itself enough for me to stick around.
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  10. You’ve got a good list there. I have also learned a lot from blogging too. But one of the most important thing blogging has taught me is how to gain friends.
    Mark recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

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