Bibs & Baubles isn’t my first foray into the blogging world. My first blog was Style Soup. I love fashion and beauty and this blog was all about that world. I loved it. I was totally committed to it.  I was a blogging fool – all for an audience of about three. In this blogging world sometimes comments feel like currency. It’s the only way you get paid and the only way you really feel like someone is paying attention. Back then,  I felt like I was truly blogging in a bubble – just talking to myself.  I didn’t know nearly as much about blogging then as I do now.

Since starting this blog in January, I’ve learned SO much and I’ve been having a ball! I’ve connected with wonderful women that I never would have met otherwise. Women whose stories make me laugh, cry, think and nod my head in agreement. Isn’t the Internet a beautiful place? It’s been a really good experience and I look forward to something new from my bloggy peeps everyday.

That being said, there are a million things I wish I’d known before I started blogging. If I had to narrow it down to my top ten, I think I’d go with these:

1 – Don’t fool yourself. Know that this thing won’t be easy. It will require a lot of work and it’s free labor!

2 – Try to find balance. Working a full time job, being a mommy, a wife and blogger doesn’t always mix. It’s a total juggling act. Prepare accordingly.

3 – Stay focused. Find your niche and stick with it.

4 – Comment love is real. Give and you will get. It’s called “social” media for a reason. You have to be social.

5 – Be authentic. Make your space on the world wide web a reflection of you.

6 – Don’t quit. Keep at it even when you feel like there’s no point.

7 – What’s your motivation? Know why you’re starting to blog and keep that in mind when number 6 starts to creep in.

8 – Learn, learn, learn. – It’s like being in school all over again, sometimes.

9 – No phoning it in. Don’t blog just for the sake of blogging if you have nothing to say – then don’t.

10 – Saving the best for last – Keep priorities straight. Family first! Blog when you can.

That’s a pretty good summary of what I’ve learned so far. What do you think? What did I miss?

*This was written as part of Mama Kat’s writing workshop. The prompt was: If you were to go back to the moment you decided to start a blog, what ten blogging tips would you share with yourself?

14 comments on “Blogging 101”

  1. I can’t agree more with number 9. Sometimes I feel like I want to blog but have nothing to say which is worse than having nothing to say and no desire to blog. Love these!

  2. I think as bloggers we all can feel overwhelmed at first. Oh as Laverne would say “tech overload”. And boy do I get my head spinning. We are 6 months into it and we are still BFF and love blogging together! It is our “alone time”. Great post. Cant wait to read more!

  3. This list is right on the money…I actually thought this blogging thing would be easy until I tried it, so #1 was the biggest thing I wish I’d known before starting.

    hi from mamak’s

  4. These are really great things to keep in mind.

    “it’s called social media for a reason” is absolutely right. you get out of it what you put into it.

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