Get ready to sit down with a sippy cup and have “the talk” with your kids. Yep, that “talk”. OK, maybe not right now but, there’s a book out that says you should be having that talk with little Johnny by age 5! You read right, FIVE. Does that seem crazy early or is it just me? I know times have certainly changed since my young whipper snapper days but really kindergarten sex talks? Is that where we are now? I wasn’t planning on pushing it off until my son is a teen but I certainly wasn’t planning on pushing his graham crackers aside at snack time and talking the birds and the bees. It’s overwhelming to even think about.  The idea is that if you start at that age, children are blank slates and no one has given them any wrong information yet. Talking early also makes you the go-to sexual expert in their eyes. I’ll admit, it makes sense. Breezy Mama did an interview with the author here.  Makes me want to take my family and live in a bubble. Anybody want to be our neighbors?

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