Last night,  I watched the VMA’s on MTV. I LOVE award shows and always look forward to the performances. One performer, I always look forward to is Beyonce. She kills it every time in a way that just seems effortless.

A couple of months ago, she did a performance overseas and she wasn’t dancing nearly as hard a usual. Right then I said to myself, Beyonce is pregnant.  Last night, she confirmed it in a very sweet way and I couldn’t stop smiling. She was rubbing her belly on the red carpet of the VMA’s and that was the way she chose to announce her impending arrival to the world.

Then she performed, as only she can. One of my favorite songs from her new CD “Love on Top” was the choice last night. She still killed it in 6 inch heels! Throughout her misty-eyed performance, she was absolutely glowing. It was a beautiful thing to see. For me, I just kept thinking, I know how she feels. It’s a wonderful thing to be married to the love of your life and have this sacred bond. It’s you two against the world for the long haul. There’s a joy in that kind of love that is sometimes hard to put into words. Then when you add a child, a product of your love into that mix – it’s on another level. That’s what I saw in her eyes, in her performance.

Every word of that song seemed to resonate with her in a whole new way. I felt it! Last night’s performance was probably one of her best. It was pure joy, love and emotion. Once the cameras hit her husband’s face, it was obvious he was on cloud 9 as well. Though I clearly don’t know them, I wish them the best and I am genuinely happy for them. For two people that have been so protective of their private lives, I can totally understand why you would want to share this. It’s an awesome miracle.  While I didn’t have millions of fans to share my joy with – I’ve been there and it’s a wonderful feeling. Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z!

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22 comments on “Beyonce + Baby”

  1. She’s really spectacular. What a child that is going to be with parents like Jay-Z and Beyonce. Wow. I love the way she announced it in true show biz style…

  2. That really is so awesome…I think people have been wondering for a long time when those two would finally have a baby! That baby is going to be one talented (and spoiled!) little tyke!

  3. AGREE, she killed it. And I have total respect for the her with those heels. I would’ve been performing in a pair of crocs or something. She was radiant, love her and the performance.

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