When it comes to my hair I can be something of a plain Jane. Boring, boring, blah! I have worn my hair long forever! It’s usually in a ponytail. My idea of a hair cut is a bang. Yes, I know, exciting! I have been trying to pull myself out of this rut lately. I have to say, I am not succeeding! As much as I dream of a cute, Halle Berry pixie cut, I don’t think I can commit to something that dramatic.  Plus, I don’t know if I could pull off something that short. If I cut it that short and it looked a hot mess, I’d be totally screwed! It would be time to introduce myself to braids or a wig! Anyway, I’m too chicken for that cut and I really like having long hair. I blame growing up in Michigan and always feeling like I had to keep my neck warm in the winter! LOL!

I’ve thought about coloring my hair. That’s totally an option. I’ve done it before and I really like how that changes my look. I’ve had highlights, I’ve been a redhead. On all accounts, color worked out well for me. Another thing I go back and forth about is finding a natural hair style that suits me. I wear my hair natural from time to time but I don’t stick with it long term. The picture above is my favorite one of me rocking my natural curls. Please, ignore my chubby face. I was five months pregnant at the time! I actually wore my hair natural all the time while I was pregnant.

I ‘m determined to find a way to keep the heat out of my hair and find a natural style that flatters me. I want it to become routine. I want to get so used to my hair in it’s natural state that it takes no time at all to achieve the look I want. I don’t want to give up in frustration because I can’t figure out what works for me. I really want to give it a REAL shot. When I do rock it natural, it’s so freeing. I love the way I feel, I love the way my head feels. I want that feeling on a regular basis. We’ll see what I come up with. I know I really have to be motivated to keep it up. It’s a huge change after doing the flatiron thing for so long. The great thing is there are so many options now. There are shops that do nothing but natural hair. Maybe I need to look into that.  I think I may need professional help… for my hair, people! How often to you change your hair?

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  1. Your natural hair is gorgeous! I love it.

    My hair is relaxed and I really would like to go natural but I’m scared of having to start over and do the “big chop.”

    My hair style won’t win any stunning awards! It’s a basic body wrap. When I’m feeling spicy (once a year) I’ll have the salon add highlights:)

    Hugs and Mocha,
    Stesha recently posted…November GoalsMy Profile

  2. I’ve been wearing the same style for ages. A bob with a little swoop. If I have time, I will curl it for a more layered look.

    P.S. Your face isn’t chubby in that pic. You look cute…the natural style looks great on you!
    This Cookn’ Mom recently posted…Marriage RetreatMy Profile

  3. We need to have a ‘natural hair’ date where we look up styles and try them out together! Lol You know I’m a huge champion for less heat/no heat. Either way, you’re beautiful!

  4. Oh, I love your hair natural, so pretty, it suits you. And lady, I’ve got chipmunk cheeks for miles and I’m not pregnant, chubby cheeks are the new botox you know. Anyway, I’ve had Halle short and long. I think it’s harder to keep up short hair for sure! You cannot throw it back into a ponytail when it’s short, and you will find yourself wearing a hat more often than not when you’re running low on time. You also have to maintain it frequently, double time to the stylist for cuts, otherwise…mullet. Just sayin’. Good luck on your quest!
    Cari recently posted…The Truth and Narcissistic Blogger ValidationMy Profile

    • You are cracking me up with the chipmunk cheeks! You’re right – ponytails are too easy with all this hair. And nobody wants a mullet… nobody!

  5. I switch up my hair often. I use to only wear it straight but I have been experimenting with other natural hair options. I have fallen in love with the twist out. I am feeling my big hair. Now I am contemplating cutting a bang. I’m torn but I feel like I need a new look for the season. Decisions!
    Mimi recently posted…Weekend Wrap-UpMy Profile

  6. your hair is beautiful! i cut mine all off about five years ago…i got tired of being defined by it. now that was freeing to me. i have a short, pixie type cut and can’t imagine growing it out again. when i’m in the mood for length…tah dah…Wonders In Growth (WIGs) to the rescue!
    Miss Donna recently posted…A One Night Stand for CharityMy Profile

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