We have been all tied up with getting the room together for our little guy and his baby sister. Well, I take that back, the Mister and my mom have been getting their room ready.

The closet in their room had been our storage closet and it was stacked with boxes. Well, while clearing out the last of the boxes I found a letter of goals I had written to myself some years ago. It was pretty cool to look at what my goals were then. Here’s the letter:

Goals 4 Future

*Above all put GOD 1st and everything will work out.  (Amen)

  1. Be yourself (still true)
  2. Don’t sweat the petty stuff
  3. Don’t stress yourself, it’s not worth it
  4. Study hard
  5. Work hard
  6. Be more outgoing (done)
  7. Smile more – it will get better (it did)
  8. Push yourself
  9. Go for your goals
  10. Your life has just begun, have fun and live each day like it’s the last.

I love you.

Love, Me

I wish there was a date on this letter so I’d know where I was in my life at the time. In the end, it doesn’t matter. The advice I gave myself back then still rings true today.

Have you ever found something that reminded you of how far you’ve come?

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