via pjmomma.wordpress.comTo kiss or not to kiss? That’s the question I have for you. I was browsing a few mommy sites not too long ago and came across a topic that stuck with me. The post was by the mom of a little girl. She posed the question of kissing your child on the lips. Is it OK or inappropriate? She added a picture of her kissing her little girl. It just looks like a totally sweet and loving interaction between mother and daughter. There’s nothing EW-inducing about it. That’s just me though.

For me, this is something I’ve thought about more than a few times. I have been guilty of kissing my little man on the lips. I am trying to stop for a few reason. I worry how it will show up in his interaction with other people. I don’t want him to think that it is OK to kiss everyone on the lips and as a baby he may not always be able to make the distinction. I also know that this could get odd long term. I can’t see kissing my son on the lips as a teen so, I figure, I may as well try and stop while he’s in toddler hood.  These days, I am trying to reserve my kisses for his little chubby cheeks that I can’t get enough of.

The author of the post noted how some people freak out seeing parents kiss their children on the lips. She admitted she was the same way before she had a child. For her, becoming a mother changed her view completely. She said that it was the overwhelming love of being a parent that changed things for her. Her love for her daughter made it no longer odd.  I’m guessing it was no longer odd because she realized it was coming from a pure place. I can relate, I feel the same way. She revealed that her boyfriend is a bit uncomfortable with it and thinks kisses on the lips have pure romantic connotations. I know many people feel that way.  For me kissing my son on the lips is out of pure love and nothing romantic behind it AT ALL. He’s my baby for goodness sake! Why do you think it freaks people out to see parents kiss their babies on the lips?  What do you think? Is it weird for parents to kiss their babies on the lips? Did you or do you do it?

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  1. I totally kiss my baby girl on the lips and it fills my heart with love when she returns the affection. Granted, she’s only 8 months old and I agree that it would be strange when she’s a teenager (LOL). But for now, both my husband and I do it, and we’re 100% okay with it. “Her love for her daughter made it no longer odd.” That sums it just right for me.

  2. I have actually never thought about this. I am with you I don’t think it’s weird but I do guess I should be worried about the baby being able to distinguish who not to do that with.

  3. WEll, since you asked…I don’t mind it. I’ll take a kiss from my kids anyway I can get it. Especially my little dude since he has Autism and isn’t fond of kissing period.

    My Grandpa AND Grandma used to kiss us kids on the lips even after we were married. I suppose it’s starting to become a generational taboo, everyone and everything is so PC. But there wasn’t anything weird about it to me, because there was nothing to feel weird or uncomfortable about.

  4. I’ve done it a couple times, but typically I’m a cheek or head kisser. I think I’m more of a germaphobe. Someone at our house is often sick!

    Though I have zero problems with other people doing that. I saw a man with a grown daughter kiss on the lips the other day. I guess that’s OK too, but it did surprise me to see.

  5. I think it depends on what works for you in your family. My younger son kissed me on the lips until he was four and then suddenly wouldn’t anymore, which is right around the time I probably would have stopped it anyway. That’s just what worked for us!

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