I have been trying to avoid all of the drama surrounding Halle Berry right now. Unfortunately keeping up with it is part of the job. She and her baby’s father Gabriel Aubry seemingly overnight went from cordial co-parenting to custody in chaos. How the heck did they get here? If you listen to media it would seem that Halle had issues with Gabe’s dating choices and lost it or Gabe has issues with Halley being the boss and decided to put his foot down, albeit in a court room. There has been so much mud slinging from allegations of racial slurs to hostile texts and emails I can’t help but wonder is anybody thinking about the child? That little girl will one day be able to read all the horrible things “a source close to Halle/Gabe” had to say about her mother and father. There has to be a better more civil way to handle this. Of course, I’m on the outside looking in. Thankfully, I don’t know what it’s like to be pushed to the brink where my child is concerned. What are your thoughts on this whole fiasco?

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