Please try not to be offended by my statement. It was true for me and may not apply to you. I just realize more and more everyday that my dog totally prepped me for mommyhood. Hear me out. I know that there is a big difference between a canine and a human. I haven’t completely lost it. I’m just saying that there are some similarities. When we got our little Lola she was a 2 pound, 8 week old mini poodle. She was scared and new to this world. She knew that we were all she had and she was hoping for the best.

When we had our son, we noticed some things were like déjà vu.

  • Sleepless nights

    We had to get up with Lola every 3 hours in the middle of the night. She’d wake up crying and we’d have to feed her and change her potty pads. Much like we woke up with the little guy for nighttime feedings and diaper changes

    • Endless doctor’s appointments

    We had to take Lola to the vet soon after getting her to check the state of her health. In the weeks and months since, we took her to various vaccination appointments and to make sure she was packing on the ounces.

    Much like the little guy who had endless doctor’s appointments for vaccinations and check up appointments to make sure he was gaining weight.

    • Potty Training

    We haven’t potty trained the little guy yet but it’s on the horizon. In some ways we’ve already been through this with Lola. We had to train her to not use our floor as a waste station and instead wait to go outside or use her potty pads.

    • Babysitter

    Whenever we go out of town we have to send Lola to the sitter aka doggie daycare. When we want to enjoy a date night, little guy hangs out with a sitter.

    • Money

    Both our son and our dog are emptying our pockets faster than we can fill them but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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    1. Oh my goodness…I can totally agree with you on this one…while a dog isn’t the same complete life changing event that a child is, it definitely gives you a little glimpse into the world of parenthood! Both your babies are darling, btw! (c:
      Aubrey recently posted…The I Am Project: Giveaway!!!My Profile

    2. You do not have to convince me that dogs are like babies. We had very similar experiences with one of our two dogs. She was so needy and whined and cried and wanted to be with us all the time. But we didn’t have doggie diapers. Boy, we sure could have used doggie diapers.

      P.S. I have given you a blog award because I just enjoy reading your stuff so very much!
      Laura@Catharsis recently posted…It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Y’all!My Profile

    3. Girl, YES! Pets are so much work! Our dog was about 5 yrs old when our son was born so he was pretty much independent by then. I can’t imagine him as a puppy with our son.
      And the babysitter deal for a dog is so stressful at times and quite expensive!! I think pets can definitely can start preparing you for the responsibility of a child.
      Optimistic Mom recently posted…Breastfeeding 101 Don’t sweat the little thingsMy Profile

    4. Cute pup! And kid! Pets do drain us…my kids are begging for a pet, my answer is no for all the listed above. Why do puppies have to be so cute? Why?

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