We went out to lunch this past weekend. After sitting my daughter in her high chair, she picked up a napkin and attempted to tuck it into her shirt – making herself a bib. We looked at each other and said maybe we eat out too much. This kid is not new to this.

My son was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. He shouted out, “Mom, I want a dirty grande.” Yes, he has been through the drive thru at Starbucks with me at least one time too many. Mama’s drink of choice: grande dirty chai latte.

Is it dirty

The first time he paid attention to me ordering it, his main concern was, “Mama, is it dirty?”

Hey Babe, Hey Buddy

My daughter likes to call me and my husband by saying “hey babe”. It’s how we call each other and she’s catching on. It’s much cuter when she says it. She also greets her brother with “hey buddy”. That’s how my husband greets him. That little girl picks up everything!

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