For some – many reasons, I have been feeling a little stuck, stifled and in a rut. It could be the sleep deprivation kicking in even harder or there could be some things in my life that need my attention. Things may need to be adjusted around these parts.

When I’m feeling down in any kind of way, shopping usually does the trick. This time, I decided to take another approach. Instead of bringing more stuff in, how about kick some stuff out! I feel like maybe getting more stuff only covers up whatever the real issues may be. It’s like pulling the blankets over my head instead of facing the day. If I get rid of things, maybe I’ll be creating a clearing and see what’s really going on.

Solve-problemsSo, I’m starting with my closet. I’m going through my endless pairs of shoes (many of which I NEVER wear), my clothes and purses and getting stuff that’s just taking up space out of my space. I’m looking at you size 4-grey-silk-pleated-skirt that I’ll never slide into again. As I kick stuff out, I’m hoping to discover (and kick out) whatever is bugging me along the way. My plan is to work my way through our house, kicking stuff to the curb.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’m getting this urge around spring time. Spring cleaning, anyone? All I know is the Goodwill is going to love seeing my face. I haven’t graced their doorway with donations in a while and it’s about time I pay them a few visits.

I’m going to need some boxes, y’all

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  1. There is so much clutter here that I just can’t fathom how to get it all together but I know it’s why I feel the way I do. I think I’ll just start!

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