My thought is that it’s inevitable. At some point most little girls develop this love for a baby doll. My daughter is no different. She is absolutely over the moon about her “baby”. She won’t give “baby” a name. I suggested naming here Jasmine. She looked at me and said, “no, BABY”. Her little face was so serious, it was hilarious! So that’s what we call the doll. Her name is Baby.

july 29 052Baby goes with us everywhere. She has a blanket, a sippy, a plate, fork and spoon. Baby also has a stroller. Baby is well taken care of. I know I was a serious mommy to my dolls when I was little. I carried a diaper bag with changes of clothes. I had blankets and a carrier for the car. I was also much older than two. My daughter turned two this month and she is the perfect little mommy. If you push the hand of Baby she says, “Mama!’. My daughter responds by nodding her head and giving Baby a gentle hug. It’s really cute, actually. She treats baby much like I treat her. It’s fascinating to see how much she pays attention to every little thing that I do.

Being that she’s super mom to Baby, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at my husband’s suggestion. We were hanging out at the Grove (an outdoor mall) and he suggested going into American Girl. I was shocked! I know that people go in that store and come back with MUCH lighter pockets. I was not ready to start this with our daughter. Not now.

She was pretty tired. It was past her nap time and she was really on the brink of falling asleep. We rolled by the window of the store and she sat straight up in her stroller screaming, “Pincess!”. We had to go in!

Once we were in the store, she wanted out of her stroller immediately. She walked around the store completely mesmerized. My son wanted to know if there was an American Boy store so he could see some boy stuff. Clearly, he wasn’t impressed! LOL!

july 29 025

july 29 032This was my first time in an American Girl store. It was insane! All of the dolls, the clothes, the HAIR SALON!  There were parents lined up to have the hair of their daughters beloved doll styled in a summer bun! Amazing!

july 29 031We managed to leave the store without making a purchase. I know we’ll end up there again though. I love that they have a cafe and all kinds of activities for little girls. I guess you could say that theyl got to my daughter AND me!

Have you been to American Girl?

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  1. I’ve never been in there because I don’t want my daughter to ask because it’s OUT OF THE QUESTION. lol.

    She has been nursing her babies, like she sees me doing her brother. 🙂

  2. When I lived in LA and discovered there was an AG store I dragged my mom there when she came to visit. We both love AG and growing up I was fortunate enough to have 2 dolls. We were both amazed with the store and how fun it must be for little girls to visit. If I have a daughter I know I will end up there too. And, just in case, I’m saving my dolls and their accessories in order to save my own wallet in the future!

  3. I am thankful that kiddo never really caught on to the American Girl doll craze. She has one that is similar we found at a thrift shop and upcycled. She is fabulous. Shes more into Monster High , Tinkerbell and Barbie. She does have an 80s Cabbage Patch because she wanted one like mine (I have had mine for 30 years!)
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  4. We just had some family friends come to visit and their daughter had one but she is older than Addison. Those dolls are truly an investment and I’ll get Addison one in another year or so when I feel like she can take care of it properly.

    Addison has even asked to go to the flagship store in Chicago to get hers. Hmmmmmm. First up is a Cabbage Patch. She doesn’t have one and the place where they were orginally made is only about two hours from here so we’ll take a trip in the fall. We’ll see how she treats that one!

    I’m telling you the headlock she has on her baby in the first picture is so funny to me. It’s like she isn’t trying to let it go!
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  5. These dolls are so popular. I went into an American Girl store when I was in Chicago and I was shocked by the amount of stuff you can buy. Very cute!

  6. I really want to buy an American doll just for the experience of it. All my friends with their littler girls have such a blast. I don’t think my bF will appreciate it if I took our son to get one, LOL. I will have to borrow one of my friends kids. LOL
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