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To find your passion I’ve heard that you should ask yourself two things. Ask yourself what it is you would do whether you were being paid for it or not? Also, ask yourself what were those things you loved to do as a child? Then, find a way to work those things back into your life. Hmmmm…. I remember designing clothing as a child, I even designed my own prom dress. It felt so empowering to hand my design over to a seamstress and have her take all of my notes into account to create my gown. It turned out beautifully! I also loved to sing as a child, which probably has something to do with this. I also wrote A LOT. I wrote songs and poems all the time! Turns out, I write for a living now. Though, I still don’t feel like I’ve tapped into my passion yet. It’s on the way…I’m sure of it. All of this has got me to thinking about what my little guy will be when he’s all grown up.

He loves to read – maybe he’ll be a writer, a librarian or a literary agent

He loves to entertain – maybe he’ll channel that into acting or comedy (God, help me)

He’s a huge fan of cars – maybe he’ll design them

He loves milk – maybe he’ll be a dairy farmer 🙂

Whatever he decides to do, I hope he finds his passion and it makes him happy. I’m looking forward to whatever that will be.

Have you found your passion or are you still looking? What do you think your child will grow up to be?

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  1. It’s so much fun to think of what our children might do when they grow up based on what they like now. Doing the things we are passionate about is challenging but it can be very rewarding.

    Maybe he will grow up to do all those things you listed.

  2. I think I have found my passion…I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve just channeled that passion into different avenues. I’ve gone from: acting, to singing, modeling, writing and NOW creating clothing items, etc. It’s really interesting how you can express your passion in different ways and find that its full circle!

  3. I love thinking about what my kids will be…my son, probably something with dinosaurs and I have no clue for my baby yet! 😉 I would say – most of the time I think I have found my passion.

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