Last week, I was rolling solo. My husband was out of town for work for the WHOLE week! Our son and our dog were keeping me more than busy. In the days leading up to my husbands trip, I was getting pretty anxious. I knew what I was in for and it wasn’t going to be easy. Before he left, we  had a day trip to Palm Springs to attend a wedding. I really should have been pumped about the trip but, I was stressing because my man was leaving the next day. We work so well as a team that it was freaking me out to be doing all we do – solo. I’ve done it before but, it’s been a while and I still remember being dog tired then.

He left on Sunday afternoon. Of course, this was the day our son decided not to take a nap. I think he knew something was up and knew that if he closed his eyes he’d miss something, like daddy leaving.

The whole week, I was on the move. Get up, get the baby ready, get myself ready, get the dog walked and fed and it’s off to school then off to work. Getting from our son’s school to my job takes about an hour. Seriously. It’s the lovely L.A. traffic. Then, after work it’s back to the school , then home, get everyone fed and walk the dog and get the little guy in the bed. Next up is packing his food for the next day and  then pass out and get ready to do it all over again. Sounds like fun, right?

Our baby boy missed his dad like crazy and made a point of telling me that Daddy was missing. He would call me into his room in the morning when he woke up and when I got there he’d say “Mommy, Daddy?”.  I tried to explain to him that daddy was at work. He’d be OK with that for awhile then he needed answers again. At one point, I was cooking and I heard him heading up the stairs. I asked him where he was going and he said “upstairs”. I asked him what was upstairs and he said “Daddy”. Yep, my heart broke for my baby boy. He was missing his daddy something awful. It helped that he talked to Daddy on the phone and saw him on the web cam. Thank goodness for that.

When my husband finally returned on Friday night, I was so excited! I heard the garage door open and I told our son “I think I hear daddy – let’s go see Daddy”. His little eyes lit up and he said “Daddy?” and ran toward the door. I wish I had a chance to take a picture of his little face when he laid eyes on his dad. That moment was priceless. It feels so good to have our whole little family back in place.

Of course, the whole week, I thought about single moms. How on earth do women do this I guess we all do what we HAVE to do.  Hats off! I called my mom (a single mom) and told her that she rocks! I think that made her day!

As for us, we’ll be doing this dance again in a few weeks. Any advice for making it easier on the little guy?

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  1. Someone suggested I make a little book about daddy going away to work – or maybe they have one for sale on Amazon or something. I haven’t done that. Anna is a lot more used to it by now than your little guy. It’s hard, hang in there!

  2. My husband has gone out of town a few times, once when I had a toddler and was 8 months pregnant and then again this summer when I had a 9 month old and a 3 year old. And all I could think about was single moms too. They are amazing, if you ask me. That job is so damn hard!

  3. My little one is completely attached to daddy right now and it’s so cute but so sad. She cries if he even leaves the room without her. No advice for you other than have your husband take your son with you but I’m sure that’s not possible.

  4. It is tough. My husband works long hours and travel a lot, so I often have to find a way to respond to my son’s questions about “where is daddy” & “I miss daddy”. I don’t think it gets easier until they are much older.
    I think you make the best of it, webcam is a good idea and it has worked for us.

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