Since the big push aka giving birth I think my emotions are out of control. I cry all the time for just about any reason. I cried when I saw Steve Irwin’s family on Oprah. I looked at those kids and the looks on their faces and their mom’s face as Oprah talked about the passing of their dad. Couldn’t take it. The tears came. I cried when I read a blog about a mom giving birth to a down syndrome baby. The way she described it was so vivid and she was so honest about her feelings and the picture of her beautiful baby. I couldn’t take it. Serious Waterworks. I cried when my friend described her ongoing recovery from surgery. I didn’t know how extensive it was until we talked. Cue the tears. I cry all the time. Granted these are all emotional situations I’m describing but it just feels like I am always bringing on the waterworks. I’m not sure how to turn it off. I have always been an emotional girl. I feel other people’s pain pretty deeply sometimes and feel very nurturing toward people just because. Now that “trait” has been cranked up about a thousand. Has anyone else had this experience? Are your emotions on EXTRA since having a baby? Come on, confess! I can’t be by myself here. I might cry! 😉

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