Most of us really don’t like Monday. It’s like we really hate to see it coming. The weekends aren’t long enough and then here comes Monday to put an end to ALL of the fun. I changed my perspective on Monday and it made all the difference. As with anything, it’s all in how we look at it . I’m convinced Monday gets a bad rap!

When I was working full time, my Monday got better when I got a job I liked. I was surrounded by people I liked and that were friends. So Monday became the day I got to hang out with my friends again. I know, I was lucky. That is so not everybody’s reality.

Some people really don't like Mondays. I changed the way I get ready for Mondays and it made all the difference. Just 5 steps to a Monday that doesn't suck.Being at home with the kids and working from home puts a whole other spin on things. The thing that hasn’t changed though is that I’m doing something I like. I’m with my kids (when they’re not in school) and when they are in school, I’m working on something I believe in. It’s a winning combo. Again, I feel really blessed to be able to do something I’m really passionate about. I think that’s the thing though. It really makes a difference when you like what you do.

When I was working in television, I did so because I loved it. It’s was a part of my career plan and to have made it a reality felt like a gift. The same with where I am now. I planned to be with my kids and grow my blog/biz. None of the things we really want just happen though. There have to be plans and there has to be work. To be clear, I have definitely had my share of “ugh, Monday again” jobs. Most of them left me feeling like that, actually! LOL That’s what makes it even sweeter when you get to do work you love with people you like.

Some people really don't like Mondays. I changed the way I get ready for Mondays and it made all the difference. Just 5 steps to a Monday that doesn't suck.If you’re working on your situation so that Mondays are your jam – try these to get you over in the meantime:

  • Plan something that you look forward to – workouts at the beach, a lunch out, meeting a friend for coffee
  • Prepare so that you’re not rushing. Prep clothes and meals the night before – yours and the kids
  • Meditate: the calm of it sets the tone. How the day starts kind of sets the tone for how the day will go
  • Don’t check email. I don’t like to borrow any trouble before I need to. If things are blowing up at work, I don’t want to know about it the night before because it messes up my rest. If I’m not rested, I’m no good to anyone at work or anywhere else. May as well get some good rest before having to face all that Monday has to offer – good and bad
  • Plan as much of the week as you can. Having some things in place helps to feel more put together. Things will come up, but you can handle them as needed. Having my days planned helps me to feel less stressed.

I think the key here is to find a way to do something you love. Or find something you love about whatever it is that you do. Because, the truth is, whatever it is we do for work takes up a lot of our time. We might as well feel like it’s worth the trade off, no?

What do you do to get ready for the week ahead? Are you on the TGIM (Thank Goodness It’s Monday) bandwagon?

19 comments on “5 Steps for A Monday that doesn’t Suck”

  1. Mondays really don’t bother me. I am a retail manager so I usually work on the weekends so Mondays are just another day. I do always prep my clothes at night so that my mornings go smoother. I can’t imagine having to do that every morning.

  2. I haven’t minded Mondays since getting a job I like, with people I enjoy working with. But I’ve had the other type of job, too. I would try to give myself a small reward on Monday- and another on Friday – a small thing, but something to keep me going and to celebrate the end of the week.

  3. I am a work from home mom, so Mondays does not bother me so much as I always plan my works upfront to make sure that there is no rush to the start of the week. You can always stay relaxed when you plan things upfront!

  4. I’m in the “ugh, Monday” camp. Although Monday siginifies a fresh start and a new week to attack my goals, it’s hard to make the switch from the relaxed vibe of the weekends.

  5. I’ll have to borrow a few of these tips because I am not so fond of Mondays. It’s truly my job. There are a few major changes that I need to make in that area.

  6. I actually like Mondays, because it has turned into my ‘Get It Done Day’. I plan a prep for the week on Sundays after church. After what are usually jam-packed weekends, now all my girls are in school and hubby is at work so I get things done. I will definitely have to try the no checking email.

  7. Let me tell you, the dreaded Monday whines are literally for people who hate their jobs. These are people who are probably not walking in their purposes just working for a check so their short weekends are dreaded by the Monday. As a freelancers I guess I am grateful to not hate Mondays…but it is my busiest day of the week. I correspond with corporate professionals all the time, and Mondays are “GAME TIME” day for me for sending out emails and responding to many. So I am not a Monday hater and for those who are…need to evaluate the career they chose.

  8. Great tips, I swear by some of these rules. On Sunday I do hair and it’s done for the week.I iron up or the kids iron up a week worth of uniforms. We do as much prep work as possible and it totally helps.

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