I was talking to a friend yesterday and we talked about  a conference we were attending. The conference was for moms who wanted to build create success on their own terms. Listening to the stories of the other women left us feeling empowered. As moms who have made the decision to build our future, our way, these women’s stories resonated with us.
It’s always good to know you have company. No matter how crazy  your goals are, it’s always good to know someone else out there has those same kinds of goals. It’s comforting to see other people run into issues and how they deal with them. It’s even better when they share those issue with you as well as how they over came. Sharing is something moms do well. We share our stories, our experiences and our struggles all the time.
Since entering the world of motherhood, I’ve noticed something. We tend to support one another. We have a bond that we need not speak about, we just get each other for the most part. When a mother is trying to build her future and create a life that allows her to spend more time with her kids we rally around her. Even if that support comes from a place of wishing you could take the leap they’re poised to make. Look at the success of Simple Mom and Pioneer Woman. That’s moms supporting each other. Even my own blog, though not as huge as the ones mentioned above, has been totally embraced by moms.
That support is critical when stepping out there. Having your tribe and accountability partners help to make the wildest dream a reality. Having that sounding board and that cheering section can make the difference in following your dreams and sitting on the sidelines.

I have managed to cultivate a pretty sweet cheering section. They have my back and let me get all of my thoughts out there without reining me in and telling me what I want is impossible.

How about you? Who’s rooting you on? How has that support helped you?

4 comments on “Who is in your cheering section?”

  1. Totally true Camesha – your support team is super important. I have my school mums and my online tribe of mums in business that I can go to when I need a pick me up or simple want to bounce some new ideas around.

  2. Timely post!! Like Amber, I love my village, which is a combination of family, friends, and online buds whom I’ve never met IRL. They each fulfill something different and I’m grateful for each of them in my life. The support and encouragement that you receive from the right village is ESSENTIAL in my mental health and forward progress.
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