Overwhelm. I was totally feeling the pressure recently at my son’s end of year school picnic.

I started thinking about all that had to be done. I thought of all the things that could throw the plan off. I was totally talking myself into a “worst case scenario” situation.

I thought of all the things that could throw the plan off. I was totally talking myself into a "worst case scenario" situation. Overwhelm had set in. I knew I needed to make sure my daughter had her nap. She can be iffy on those. If she missed the nap, I’d be at this picnic with a hyper four year old and a cranky baby. I also knew that I needed to order the pizzas for the picnic while she slept. Once we picked up my son, we needed to pick up the food and haul it back to the park with blankets, chairs, toys and stroller in tow.

Two kids. One mama. Three hour picnic. I totally allowed it to drown me in overwhelm.

 I thought of all the things that could throw the plan off. I was totally talking myself into a "worst case scenario" situation. Overwhelm had set in.
All the stuff on my list didn’t seem nearly as bad when I put it in perspective and took one thing at a time. So, here’s what actually happened:

I woke up knowing I had a full day ahead of me. The day started with me getting the kids ready, packing lunches and getting my son to school. Next, was my daughters art class. While she napped after class, I ordered pizzas for our contribution to the picnic. We got my son from school and headed to pick up the pizza. Then, my excited kiddies and I were off to the park. And you know what happened next? We had fun! We played games, we hung out with my son’s friends, ate lots of food, swung at pinatas and everything else the picnic had to offer.

At the end of the day, I  had worked myself up for no reason it all.

Have you ever done that? Have you had something  to do that was so simple but you make it bigger than it ever needs to be? Sometimes we build up so much anxiety over the smallest of things.

The best way to combat that for me I’ve found is to break things down. Just give yourself some order and do one thing at a time. When taking the whole of anything in one chunk it could be too much. It’s like trying to pick up a whole pound cake and chow down. No! We take it one slice at a time. Breaking things down into small manageable tasks works every time. Even when it’s something as simple as a school picnic.

So tell me, how do you deal with overwhelm?

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  1. Breathe, breathe, breathe! Sometimes mommy needs a time out too. At the end of a hard day I’ll take a long detox bath, but in the midst of the mental chaos, a leisurely walk, listening to an inspirational podcast or finding an inspirational quote, or just staying mindful and knowing that the moment will pass is how I deal with overwhelm!! Glad you mad it through and won 🙂
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  2. I can sometimes feel overwhelmed when I have a lot to do that day, and it involves riding in the car for the kids. My middle child has aspergers and isn’t really great about riding in vehicles for too much. He also enjoys having a predictable life, so it’s overwhelming if something comes up all of a sudden that I must do.
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  3. I think we all unintentionally make small things big things. Emotional issues and attachments can be hard to recognize in the moment.

  4. I can totally relate! Especially with how it’s all in your head. The other day I was in the middle of making dinner (2 different ones) and had all burners/oven being used and groceries all over the counter that needed to be put away. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but for a minute I panicked. Then I just picked one thing at a time, as you suggest, and it wasn’t long before I had it back under control. Love this. Thanks for sharing Camesha!
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  5. I was feeling quite overwhelmed within the last few days too. I just let it go and did one thing at a time and realized that certain things are out of my control. Thanks for the reminder

  6. That is a great way to handle it. Glad the day went well for you. I tend to make lists and if I accomplish the most important things at the top, I am good. Lists just help me feel more organized even if I am not.

  7. I can really relate to you Camesha. Actually, with a very busy schedule, sometimes we feel overwhelmed with so many tasks that we fail to accomplish even one task. Yes, you’re right when you said that you need to break down tasks into smaller bits to the point that it becomes manageable. Plan ahead as well to make sure you’ll do it in a systematic manner. 🙂

  8. Yeah in overwhelming situations I have to step back and pace myself. I work well under pressure actually but if it’s too much I will allow myself a mental break so I don’t have a breakdown.

  9. Overwhelm… I feel that all the time, but my husband is really good at helping me and making it less stressful!

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