Spring is FINALLY here! I know so many people have been looking forward to the warmer weather (I’m looking at you east coast). Here in L.A., it’s been Spring-like for a while but I’m still super excited about the change in seasons. Longer days, more time out enjoying the city with the family and the clothes! I’m a sucker for warm weather fashion. There’s something about lighter fabrics, strappy sandals and sundresses. That just may be my idea of heaven.

Spring-Is-The-Time-Of-Plans-And-ProjectsI see Spring as a bit of a fresh start. It like New Year 2.0. There’s all of this energy and excitementย  for what’s to come. From the anticipation of Summer to Spring blooms, it’s like we all find something to look forward to again. Even if those New Year’s resolutions are now collecting a bit of dust, Spring gives us the nod to sweep off the dust and start again. Personally, I think we’d all get more done and stick to our resolutions if the new year started in Spring or Summer anyway, right?ย  The grey days of Winter can make it hard to stay committed to anything but comfort food. LOL!

not salmonFor this faux New Year, I’m going to take the opportunity to finish a guide I’ve been writing. It’s all about taking care of the dreamer’s inside us as mother’s! I’ll keep you posted on that one! Do you make any fresh starts during Spring? How about taking a minute to make some promises to yourself. Let the warmer weather be your motivation to keep them!


17 comments on “Dusting off the To-Do List”

    • Same here Sam! Trying to juggle it all with a husband and two kiddos is rough! We keep moving though, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Love the idea of spring being New Year’s 2.0 ๐Ÿ˜‰ I honestly feel like things are beginning anew and that there is a much more of a “fresh start” in spring (versus January 1!) I usually get a strange need to throw things out in the spring…it’s like I’m trying to shed the winter weight, in more ways than one!

    • Me too! I am going through our home like a crazy woman piling things up to give away! I just need that refresh every year.

  2. Living in the here and now is something I embrace. When we are truly in the moment, we don’t ruminate on the past or worry about the future. We are exactly as we should be. Love your work!

    • Yay! Make sure to celebrate as you get things done. I’m always up for a cupcake as I check things off my list! #SweetTooth

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