Recently, I was strolling around the web. I came across this article and from the title – it had me.  It’s “Why You Should Stop Making Excuses and Start Doing Cool Sh*t”. That gets your attention, right? It’s about a book by a woman who details how she pretty much took control of her life by following her passions. As a result, she’s found a way to live a life that’s true to her and make a difference along the way. Cool Sh*t, indeed.


It made me think of my own mission. While I continue to be about making my dreams come true and following my passion, I want to help other moms do that as well. The article didn’t mention whether the author of the book had kids or not. For me, it doesn’t matter, I think her message is universal. I think it is especially important for mothers to find and follow our passions. We tend to put what we want on the back burner or take it off the stove all together! By no means do I think we need to be “me me me Moms” and only focus on our goals. I do think that taking some time to focus on what we want as women makes us better moms. I think it’s even more important to do once we become moms because there are little eyes watching our every move. Why not give them a front row seat to us pursuing our passions?

Pursue_your_DreamThe author of the book had some pretty big goals. She opened up restaurants in New York and Las Vegas and founded a company with her sister. Everybody’s goal doesn’t have to be a restaurant or a business. I think our passions, like fingerprints, are as unique as we are. {tweet me}

Everybody doesn’t want Beyonce success, some people would rather be in a local chorus. Everyone doesn’t want to be a New York Times Bestselling Author, some want a blog as an outlet for their thoughts. Whatever your passion is and no matter how small you may think it is… it’s a big deal. It’s yours!

What’s your passion? How did you find your passion? Still searching?


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  1. I love that you help moms follow their passions! I’m not a mom yet, but I’d like to get started soon… and I’m totally nervous about sacrificing my passions once I have a kid.

    Right now, my passion is getting my coaching business started. I want to LOVE my work in a way that I’ve never known before.

    Thanks for the great article!
    Sara recently posted…The Blessing and Curse of the PassionateMy Profile

  2. It’s amazing how money seems like EVERYTHING at one point in our lives and then KIDS seem like everything and then before you know it, as a mom, you are left with everyone else being strong and beautiful and you can’t even recognize yourself in the mirror. Thanks for theis important reminder to be an individual first and that makes us a better mom, wife, sister. 🙂

  3. Love this post Camesha! As a mom to a one and a half year old, I can totally relate. But I have to say I started my business AFTER giving birth! I find that when I feed my own spirit, I’m a better mom. And my daughter actually loves joining me on adventures. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I will definitely check out that book!
    Jen recently posted…A Love Note Full of PossibilitiesMy Profile

  4. I transitioned out of staffing and did Career Coaching for awhile, it has now morphed into full time life coaching, in addition to Social Media consulting and Blogging. I like the title of the book, as far as I’m concerned I’m doing Cool Sh$t, all day everday! #realtalk

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