Your comfort zone is a big deal. Some say comfort zones are good and some say they’re the devil! Comfort is a good thing. We all want it. Whether it’s your shoes, your jeans, your bed, your finances (can I get an Amen on this one?) we all seek some sort of comfort. So what’s the deal with snuggling into a comfort zone. I remember making the leap from career mama to stay at home biz building mama. It was scary. I was comfortable in my career. I knew that world. I knew it well. I think I got too comfortable. There’s this thing about me. When I get to comfortable – I start to get uncomfortable.

3 Ways to smash your comfort zone. My comfort zone don't allow me to stick around when my time is up - even when I'm not ready for change. It' a scary feeling. It's also non-negotiable.
There’s something inside of me that knows when it’s time to change. I knew that my life as a TV writer and producer needed to change. I knew that I wanted, needed something different. My passion was elsewhere.  Even when I wasn’t ready to admit it to myself, I was ready for a change. That was a scary feeling. It was also non-negotiable. I wanted to get to a place of achieving my dreams. I’d done it before by building a successful career in television. I was worried about if I could do it again. On my own.

That’s the thing about my comfort zones. So many people will tell you that comfort zones are bad. It’s where dreams go to die. In many ways, I agree. My comfort zones kick me out. They don’t allow me to stick around when my time is up.

It’s as if my intuition knows I’m about to outgrow a space and forces me to move to make room for where I need to go next. The transition though. It’s never easy. It’s filled with “what the hell did I just do?”, “how am I going to make this work?” and “have I just lost my mind?”. There’s this sense of security in it. Knowing what’s next, being used to a routine – that was comfortable. It wasn’t enough anymore though.

As scary as it can be to shed your comfort zone, it’s never a bad thing. You won’t regret letting go of the old to make room for something new. The growth on the other side is always worth the struggle. You have to remind myself of that when the struggle gets really real. When it’s not all tulips and sunshine. In the moments of “can something go right, please?” It’s important to look at where you’ve come from. Look at the progress you’ve made. Even if you’ve only moved one step in the direction of your goals/dreams, it’s one step closer than you would have been had you not moved at all. That, my friends, is progress. Even the baby steps.

3 Ways to smash your comfort zone fears. My comfort zone don't allow me to stick around when my time is up - even when I'm not ready for change. It' a scary feeling. It's also non-negotiable.

There’s nothing easy about stepping out of your comfort zone. The thing is, that’s where the magic is! But more than that, it’s where the best version of you is waiting to be uncovered. Trust me on this.

Here are 3 ways to smash your comfort zone:

  1. Choose to do something different. It could be anything you choose. Just something to upset the apple cart a bit. See how that change makes you feel. You never know, this “new” way make work for you!
  2. What are your fears? Pick one. Face it. You may even want to take baby steps and work your way up to it. But get there. It will help you become more comfortable with taking risks.
  3. You’re going to be nervous when stepping out of your comfort zone. Feel those nervous butterflies and do it anyway.

Tell me, what’s the last thing you’ve done to push you out of your comfort zone?

7 comments on “3 Ways to Smash Your Comfort Zone”

  1. My fears are definitely what keep me in my comfort zone, I’ve slowly been working on tackling those and I have been making progress on my goals for sure. Great tips!

  2. What’s that saying? If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to achieve greatness.

  3. Feel the fear & do it anyway!!
    I bought tickets for my sister-in-law for GoApe earlier this year, knowing full well she”d want me to do it with her… I”m scared stiff of heights and am not the fittest after an accident, but I thought if I don’t do it now, I never will… I felt amazing after facing my fear gear on & surviving… 🙂

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