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New Year, New Lessons


My son has to practice math facts and be tested on them every week. They are a list of 20 math problems that he has to answer in 60 seconds or less. There’s nine levels. He gets frazzled with each new set. As we study, he’ll get stumped on a problem. He’ll go over the […] Read more…

Are you on YOUR list?


How many times have you heard that you can not pour from an empty cup. Over and over again we’re reminded as moms to take care of ourselves. Motherhood can be hectic on a regular day. During the holidays everything is intensified and what’s usually just hectic, everyday life can become an all out stress […] Read more…

5 Podcasts you HAVE to listen to


What’s your to do list look like? I’m guessing it’s a lot like mine and overflowing with things to do. There are definitely the mom duties like getting the kids to school, Girl Scout meetings, Cub Scout events, karate and whatever else comes up. But add to that the projects that are just mine (this […] Read more…