There's some changes that happen afterIt could be in the way we dress, the way we act and the way we think of ourselves. So much goes on when you meet the little person you’re crazy about and connected to forever. Change is good. The thing is, we tend to get lost in it all. We can end up feeling like, “What happened to me?” You may carry the title of wife + mom but sometimes you just want to be YOU.

I’m Camesha, I’m a mom of two and I’m also a BIG dreamer + doer! It’s so easy for our dreams to get pushed to “one day”. I’m passionate about motivating moms to live our dreams now and show our kids what’s possible. I know what it’s like to struggle to find time for your dreams (and your sanity, lol). Let’s face it, as moms our challenges are totally different. Sign up + let me help you get and stay motivated to make real progress on your dreams + goals!

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