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Like every year, this year is flying by. In no time at all we’ll be watching the ball drop. You know what happens around that time, don’t you? Those beautiful resolutions! I’ll be right there with you making my intentions at the end of the year.

Let me let you in on a secret, though. Me and my goals have problems sometimes. I can make them but sometimes it’s real hard to meet them! Am I alone here? I didn’t think so. I know I’m not the only one who’s made friends with the procrastination bug.

It starts off innocent enough. We find a reason why we can’t do it right now and then it turns into all the reasons we can’t do it at all. And we come up with a million other things to keep us so “busy” that our goals don’t stand a chance.

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One big problem I’ve noticed is we tend to go for the big goals, like losing weight. What we don’t do is break down how we’re going to make that happen.

I’ve been there. It’s easy to come up with what we want to do. The hard part is the follow through. I flipped the switch on my addiction to procrastination and have been able to do some pretty cool things. Moving from being a TV writer/producer to working on my 2nd book, creating a business and maintaining a blog all while being an at home mama and wife. It’s not always easy to turn those to-do’s into ta-da’s but it’s possible and it’s worth it.

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