Dreams/goals are a little harder to come by when you’re a mom. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. We usually just have to work harder to find the time for the things that light us up. That’s why I created this checklist of 5 ways to find time to build your dreams and work on your goals! You’ll see those overlooked times in the day that you could be using for a little dream building. There are so many reasons we don’t go for what we want.

  •  fear of failure
  • we think we can’t be a mom AND (insert dream here)
  • guilt
  • we feel like we’re not enough (imposter syndrome)
  • the BIGGEST reason is we feel like we don’t have TIME




  • find the overlooked time in your everyday
  • discover multi-tasking that makes sense
  • balance being a mom with building your dream
  • make that overlooked time into goal digging time
  • work on your goals without adding to your to-do list

Copy of MM Dream Time Tipstips