Two of the biggest game changers in my life have been marriage and kids. I know I’m not alone in this. I always say that my husband and my kids are like mirrors. They reflect who I really am and I get to see the good, bad and ugly of me. It’s ain’t always pretty. Ha! The good thing is I get to decide what I’m going to change about me. I get to check myself. In their own way, my husband and my kids are responsible for making me better. And that is a gift.

My oldest child just turned 8. Time has flown by! There are so many things I hope I'm teaching him. Honestly, I'm amazed at the things he's teaching me.

One of the other gifts of my babies is how much I learn from them. They have no idea how much they are teaching me. It’s like all the lessons I missed when I was their age, I get to see now with more mature eyes. It’s a beautiful thing. On the 21st my baby, my first born, turned 8 years old. As I thought about the eight years I’ve been his mama, I thought about some of the things I’ve learned from him. I started writing this post on his birthday. We celebrated so hard that I never got a chance to post it.

He’s a really smart kid – far beyond is years. He’s also a sensitive guy with a big heart and full of passion for the people and things he cares about. Today, I’m thankful for the many ways he’s shown me how to be better, dream bigger and love harder.

My oldest child just turned 8. Time has flown by! There are so many things I hope I'm teaching him. Honestly, I'm amazed at the things he's teaching me.

Life lessons from my 8 year old

1 Let’s start with passion – He finds something he loves and he wants to know everything about it. He completely submerges himself in the things that he loves. It all started with The Lion King years ago and now it’s Harry Potter. He’s on the third book in the series!

2 Nature Lover – He has had a hard time for as long as I remember with people who don’t respect “God’s nature” as he calls it. He doesn’t want us hurting even the smallest creatures and even went as far as naming a cricket that that we caught after he made his way into our house. Shout out to Cricko. We couldn’t kill him and instead let him out the front door.

My oldest child just turned 8. Time has flown by! There are so many things I hope I'm teaching him. Honestly, I'm amazed at the things he's teaching me.

3 Love of learning – Every since he got the hang of this reading thing he’s never far from a book. As much has he loves the park, his most requested thing to do is a trip to the bookstore or library. We can stay for hours! I knew he was gonna keep me on my toes when he decided at 6 that reference books were your favorites, “Cause they teach me things”.

4 Energy – I know he has a ton of energy because he is a kid. Even for a kid he stays pretty amped. He goes from one thing to the next and is always ready for more. I love those bursts of energy where he just takes off running at the park, on the way to school, while walking the dog – anywhere. Yes, I’m convinced we need an open field for a backyard to let him just run and explore. I just try to keep up.

5 From my big boy, I’ve learned the joy in diving into what I’m passionate about and not being afraid to be passionate about many things. That, no doubt lends itself to this blog and my previous blog. I’ve had a few passion projects since becoming a mom and I have a few more brewing. I’m definitely inspired by my kids!

6 While he’s a lover of nature, I am too just not in the same way. I don’t look to protect any bug that has made it’s way into the house. lol I am far more into environmental stuff than I used to be. I’ve made huge changes in our habits and purchases based on the environment. He has definitely been an influence in that way. When he was about 3 he picked up a plastic bag from the ground because he was afraid it would make it’s way into the ocean and a sea turtle would think it was food and die trying to eat it. These are the conversations we’ve had and it make me re-think how we do things – and do better.

7 I’ve alway had a love of learning. I read EVERYTHING! But the things I’ve read about just because he was interested in them are things I wouldn’t have been on my radar before. I mean, I know now how worms are born have watch a worm birth. All thanks to my big boy and his questions! lol

8 Now when it comes to energy… I wish I had a cup full of what he’s got going on. Still, running around with my two kiddos definitely keeps me moving. Even if my energy sometimes comes from the coffee!

What lessons have you learned from your kids? I’d love to know how they motivate and inspire you.

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