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You hear all the time how important it is to find your passion and follow your dreams. Honestly, I built this whole site around passions and dreams, so I’m definitely team #findyourpassion. Writing has been at the center of my passion for as long as I can remember. It’s what I’ve always done. It’s what my career was built on and no matter what I do, it starts with me being a writer. There are other things I’m passionate about but writing is bae. lol

Using your strengths is a huge step in being fulfilled in your work. You gotta find those strengths first - here's help!
That being said, I get asked all the time how to find your passion. I’ve shared my ideas but I found an app that makes it easy and literally puts finding your passion at your fingertips. We’re always looking at our phones anyway, might as well use it to find your passion, right? Good&Co has a cool app where you take a quiz to discover what your strengths are. My strengths include scientific, methodical, detail-oriented and creative thinker. These all make complete sense for me! My detail-oriented, methodical and creative thinker sides were so needed in my days as a tv producer. Those strengths also translate to my efforts now as an online business owner. How helpful is a quiz like this when it comes to building a business, looking for a new job, working on a team project, etc.

One issue that comes up over and over again when it comes to feeling fulfilled is not being in a position to use your strengths. When you can’t do what you’re good at, it’s easy to be miserable. If you’re building your own business you can use this to figure out what things to outsource because they aren’t your strengths and would drain you. If you’re in a job search, you could use this to figure out the positions where you would thrive. Using the Good&Co app you can get a better idea on what your strengths are and where they’d be best put to use. Speaking of job searches, the app connects to LinkedIn. How cool is that?

Using your strengths is a huge step in being fulfilled in your work. You gotta find those strengths first - here's help!

You can use the Good&Co app as your own pocket life coach. Ha! Use it to help you improve your life by:

  • finding workplace happiness
  • finding a career you love and that works with your strengths
  • learning how to succeed in your career
  • learning to become a better leader

Using your strengths is a huge step in being fulfilled in your work. You gotta find those strengths first - here's help!

Download the app and take the first quiz. You’ll unlock your custom strengths card and discover insights into your work style and learn how compatible you are with other users AND companies. Find your passion, find your strengths, build your career around them. Boom!

Have you found your passion? What are your strengths?

3 comments on “Work Happiness? I know the key.”

  1. Recently I started a job where I can do a whole bunch of stuff that I love and am good at. I knew that just being in the day-to-day repetition of being a stay-at-home-mum wasn’t doing it for me. But gosh, I can’t believe the difference it has made. I feel so happy and energized! I am such a better mum for it. I didn’t really realize how unfulfilled I was feeling until I started this job and felt such release and motivation. It is so important to find and strive for what you love and are good at. I have found to my surprise that it really is possible to love your job.

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