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Like Mama, Like Babies


Book worms. Both of my kids are total book worms. The park and the book store/library is their most requested place to go. When I became a mom one of the first things I learned was to talk, read and sing to my kids. I’m seeing now how those things pay off. If they get […] Read more…

Who Do You Love?


Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s one of those days that gets people all riled up. There’s the group who talk about it being a over hyped made up holiday. Then there’s those who are absolutely loving the day and the chance to spoil people they love. I fall in the middle. I didn’t […] Read more…

Changing Direction Changes Everything


I was listening to a podcast recently and the woman being interviewed said something about even the most confident women can tell you something about their body they’re not happy with or that they simply want to change themselves or their direction overall. It can be frustrating to feel like no matter how far you […] Read more…

You Have The Same 24 Hours As Oprah


A friend posted, “I need a 32 hour day, 24 isn’t enough.” And man can I relate. It’s easy to feel like you’re always running out of time. Being over-scheduled is one thing, but with kids it can be anything. Yes, they have activities and homework and who knows what else. Throw in anything that […] Read more…

This dream could change me


For most of my adult life people have randomly asked me where I’m from. I’ve always answered Detroit. They’d give me a probing look and ask where I’m “really from”. So, I’d say I’m “really” from Detroit. That’s all I had. They’d make guesses as to where my ancestors may have been from. I’ve heard […] Read more…